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Thread: Concealable Handgun For My Wife?

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    Yeah, people that are jealous of us Kimber owners always say they are too pricey!

    Just my opinion! :-) :-)


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    Glock 27 very nice subcompact weapon and 40 cal !!!!

  4. get what you pay for, typically. well built, nice looking, awesome gun!

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    Message definitely heard. We'll go to the range and see what they have to shoot. For all I know she may just end up wanting a revolver.

  6. Revolver might be best for her if she is inexperienced. :O)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig1911 View Post
    None of the above. Get her a Sig P238. Wonderful to shoot, accurate, readily concealable; for a semi-auto, not that complicated, and very reliable. And if she's not comfortable in condition 1, you can carry in condition 3 with a safety on, too. I have one, love it, and have only heard good things about this gun from other women who carry it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gkeil961:248168
    Glock 27 very nice subcompact weapon and 40 cal !!!!
    I agree! I have a Glock 27 and just love it""

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    +1 on the Sig P238. Because of its locked-breech design, it's a softer shooter that the blow-back design guns you are currently considering. Not only does this make range time more enjoyable, more importantly, less recoil enables quicker follow-up shots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keykutter View Post
    My wife likes to shoot but she is not a gun officianado. I don't feel comfortable that she would remember the idiosynchracies of an auto. I keep her interested in little revolvers because it's point and shoot. She'll be having to worry about other things without having to worry about a safety or a stovepipe if she does shoot.
    Point and shoot, no fuss no muss. They like the way the little autos look but you can also find a cute little wheel gun she will also fall in love with.
    Just my 2 cents.
    I agree...I would probably recommend the Ruger LCR for her. Plenty of bang for the buck i.m.o.
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    My gal carries a Breast Cancer Pink Kahr 380 EVERYWHERE! yes PINK

    She also has several other carry handguns, she feels the need to accessorize based on her clothing. She very much likes the KAHR 380 and the 9mm, has a colt pony (that one cost me $$), a 9mm XD Sub compact. What does all that mean, again I will say...

    no one is the BEST for every lady. She has to be comfortable, and decide what works for her! Sometimes it takes a few till she find the one she loves...just like the men in her life...

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