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Thread: Concealable Handgun For My Wife?

  1. RE: gun for wife.

    My wife went with the ruger LC9. She did like the sig 238. I may someday get my own lc9.

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    we talked about it and I have to thank you all again for such great advice. She let me know that she would feel better and less pressured going by herself. She actually appreciated me being understanding enough to have her go by herself and choose which is best for her. So thanks again. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later but I'll post back here on what she decided to bring home. Oh, I'll be buying a copy of The Cornered Cat for us to read too. That website may be geared towards woman but I've learned a ton of great info there myself. Thanks for sharing that one.

  4. Agree with the vote for the Sig P238. Very concealable.

  5. Let her pick her own gun so she is comfortable with it. She will be much more likely to make use of it instead of tossing it in a nightstand if it's something she likes.
    "Guns are for defending your life not for defending your pride."

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    K I S S

    Simple point and shoot.
    If she can't do it in 5 rounds.....

    Let's be honest. Unless WE shoot often, our manual-of-arms starts slipping really fast.

    and remember
    "an eyeball hit with a 22 is better than a noisy miss with a 44 magnum"

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    Good idea on letting her decide on what's best for her. Just tell her that if some gun shop guy says, "this is a good lady's gun" to turn around and leave.

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