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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotillion View Post
    You should also look into the Springfield xd subcompact. Got a .5 less inch barrel and a 13 round mag instead of the 10. It also has a grip safety instead of the manual lever.
    sr9c has a 10 and 17 round mag for the states that its legal. the 2 - 10 round mags is for states such as NY where 10 is the most they allow

  3. His profile says Missouri not sure what they allow there, just giving out more options in the same price ball park

  4. sr9c

    I switched out from a g26 as well the to the sr9c better gun. If you ask me

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    i put a deposit down on one two days ago. waiting til i receive my permit so i can go pick it up. i am very excited about the gun, heard a lot of great things.

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    I own all Ruger pistols...
    I have the SR9C and love it. It has a light trigger pull and the 10 rd mag + 17 rd extended mag are great. I use it as my carry weapon with an IWB Crossbreed holster. I also use the Ruger LCP .380 as a pocket gun when I feel I can't easily conceal the SR9C with tighter shirts. I prefer the SR9C as a carry gun though as it is way more accurate than the smaller Ruger LCP, which I knew going into to my purchase I mainly wanted to have multiple carry options of small pocket gun with the LCP and a mid size gun with the SR9C.
    I also own the SR9 and love it but never carry it as it is full size, it is mainly for home defense and used at the range with my other Rugers.

    Good luck and hope this info helps!

  7. Excellent gun, although mine is the .40 cal. Would recommend it to anyone!

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    I work at a Gun Shop and can have anything I want. If I were to buy a new Semi-Auto Carry Gun I would go with the Ruger SR9C.

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    Shot alot of guns in my near half century. I have to say that the SR9c is one of the best guns I've ever shot. My EDC for over a year.

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    I bought one for my 13 year old son to shoot. It fits his hand the best out of all the guns he held. He loves it!

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    I love mine.You can point and shoot real easy with it.
    Please Bless and Support our Troops.
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