Ruger SR9c thoughts
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Thread: Ruger SR9c thoughts

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    Ruger SR9c thoughts

    I have been looking into getting a concealable carry handgun and wanted to know what people think of the Ruger SR9c. I like the idea of having at least 10 rounds and really like the thought of the 17 round extended magazine.
    How easy is it to fire?
    Is there a long trigger pull?
    What about the ability to switch magazines - is it easy to quickly do so?
    Is it reliable? (don't have to worry about the gun not firing if needed)
    How is the recoil?

    Just want to get people's thoughts on it.

  3. It's a very nice gun. The trigger pull is very light, in fact I think its the lightest of that gun type. It's built very well and doesn't feel like garbage. The recoil is very minimal, I'd go as far as saying the 40s&w might be a better choice if you like a little kick to your gun.

    With all that being said I chose the springfield xd sub compact. Around the same price but I prefer the grip safety over the slide lever safety. I also like the striker indicator on the back letting you know if its cocked. I'd try and shoot both to make your choice

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    I've never fired the SR9c but one of my friends has one and he has nothing but good things to say about it.

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    i have done alot of research on this gun because i think it might be the first gun i purchase soon. i have heard a lot of very good things about it, many people seem to love the feel of the gun in their hand, think it has a great trigger pull (not long or real heavy), and it seem that out of the box it shoots great will no firing issues, like always there are some incidents where a gun here or there does have some type of issue not every gun can be perfect, i have also read the recoil is controllable and not bad at all with the new two size recoil spring.

    again this is not from person experience but just what i have heard other people say when i was doing my research on this firearm. it sounds like its a very good gun.

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    Love the SR9C! I've swapped out my G26 with the SR9C and can't say enough great things about the gun. You can run anything through it. The sight picture is instinctive and quickly acquired. The trigger pull is constant and smooth. The gun balances well in the hand and the recoil is controllable. It's compact and conceals well with the right type of holster - I carry in a Fobus paddle. Get one!!!

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    Love my SR9c

    I've had one since May or so, and love it. I'm not carrying it every day, but as far as how it shoots, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It is at least as accurate as I am, recoil is easy to manage with a good grip, and I haven't had any trouble with either defense or practice ammunition. Feels great in the hand, too, and the trigger setup is perfect for my hands. Took a little break-in to get the trigger smoothed out, but it is very nice now. You should definitely try to shoot before you buy, if possible, but I certainly like mine.

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    I second the notion that you should try as many guns as you can before you buy. However if that is not possible you will love the SR9C. I took my Girlfriend to buy her first gun and she fell in love with it as soon as she picked it up. All the controls are instinctual and easy to use and the gun is just plain comfortable. sights are good, trigger is great, in fact one of the best triggers I've shot asides from a 1911. The gun is more accurate than I could hope to be. We've only put maybe 500 rounds through it but not a single issue as far as reliability. The mag with the pinky extension is great for bigger hands and the longer one with the extended grip seems a bit odd to me but I have never been a fan of those types of things. As far as speed reloads, I am better with the XD not sure if its the wider mag well or just that that's what I practice with the most but it is not a limiting factor IMO. The only complaint I have is the magazine disconnect, I am not a fan of that and wasn't aware until after we got it. My biggest issue with the disconnect is that it still allows the striker to fire it just doesn't hit the round. This may not be an issue to most but in the event of a mag change while still having one in the chamber and you need to fire before replacing the mag it causes two problems, one it didn't go bang, and two if you do try and fire without the mag you have to rack the slide and you lose what may be a precious round.

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    I have one and think its a darn good gun!!!

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    Lots of good reports on the Ruger SR9/c. I am not a fan of magazine disconnectors, as I feel it is a problem waiting to happen, as previously mentioned. That said, if you live in a state that requires it, aint much you can do. Don't much care for the loaded chamber indicator either, Stevie wonder couldnt miss that one. Recoil should be manageable as it is a 9mm. just my thoughts

  11. You should also look into the Springfield xd subcompact. Got a .5 less inch barrel and a 13 round mag instead of the 10. It also has a grip safety instead of the manual lever.

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