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    I carry an M&P9c and love it. 8000+ rounds through it, no issues. Very easy to shoot, IMHO.
    Carry guns are like work trucks: who cares if they get beat up a little as long as they work when you need them to.

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    I have the M&P9c and love it. I use this for my primary conceal carry and have had zero issues with it. I'm sure the 40 would be just as reliable.

  4. 40c & 40 4.25

    Carry 40c M&P and own a M&P 4.25 barrel and like them both.40c carries well in a Crossbreed Super Tuck,but I would rather shoot the longer barrel @ the range. I really love the balance n feel of the full-sized 40 over the compact.No issues with either one.Have shot about 1500 rounds in the full-size and 500 with the compact.I would recommend the compact for ease of carry and it will take the 15 round mag from the full-size. Great @ the range.Get the spacer grip made for the longer mag, it feels good. Also 40c comes with 1 pinkie plate on a mag and 1 flat. If you want 1 on both S&W will send you 1 for free if you ask them.

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