New 9mm....Glock or Springfield Xd??
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Thread: New 9mm....Glock or Springfield Xd??

  1. New 9mm....Glock or Springfield Xd??

    I'm wanting to add a 9mm to the "family" and wanted anyone's opinion on their favorite 9mm. The two I'm considering most would be the Glock 19 or a Springfield XD although I'm open to other suggestions. Any thoughts?
    Oh I should add, it will be mostly for taking to the range and not necessarily CCW. Thanks!
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    Both the Glock and the XD are excellent pistols. I'm partial to the XD, but you will find lots of fans on both sides. Most of the ranges that I've seen with rental guns will have several Glocks that you can try and probably the XD and S&W M&P also. One more to consider is the new Ruger SR9.

    Deciding which one to buy is half the fun. Enjoy.

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    If it was me I'd go with the XD but that's just because it fits my hand better. The Smith & Wesson M&P's are nice also. May want to take a look at them. One other idea, I just picked up a Sig P225/P6 from for $269. It was a European police trade in but was in amazing shape. I reblued the slide and it looks like a new gun. It makes a great range gun that, if I need to, I can also carry. If you have someone to do the transfer that may be something to consider.
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    I have a Glock 19 and it is a fine gun. Wish I could help with the Springfield but have never shot one. It sees to have a pretty loyal following though.
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    You can't go wrong with eather the Glock or the XD,,,,,,,,,,,, I carry a G19 every day, I own several Glocks,, and I am partial to the Glock, thats just me though, go try them out, see which you like the best, and which one fits you the best,...............The M&P is also nice too............
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    Love my G19...have held a couple of XDs but never shot one. It seems like a fine piece as well.
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  8. I have several Glocks and love them. Dad calls me a "Glock Freak".

    I also have an XD9 and it is the only 9mm I own.

    When I purchased my XD9 there were very few "accessories" available for it. Now there are a plethora of barrels, etc. available.

    I really like my XD9. It feels good in the hand & shoots well (better than I do).

    One consideration for me is that I can shoot my Glocks and not worry about cleaning them immediately. Sometimes I wait for weeks before cleaning them.

    The XD on the other hand I am much more careful with. If I shoot it I clean it that evening. Again, I love my XD but have seen too many pictures of rusty slides, etc.

    I will not sell my XD, but I do feel compelled to clean it immediately after a day at the range.

    I'm sure I'll be flamed for posting this, but it is only based on my OPINION.

    BTW, my dad shoots a Kimber 9mm and it is truly an outstanding weapon!

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    I had asked my local gun store to inform me if they were to get in a G26. A couple months ago they did, so I went in to buy it and ended up walking out with a S&W M&P 9mm Compact. It's a really sweet gun! Worth checking out. I have a couple of Glocks- G30 and a G22. Can't beat Glocks for their to hell and back reliability. I just liked the new M&P over the G26. Good luck!


  10. I have a Ruger SR9 and I really like. Shoots great and felt nice in the hand.

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    both have good reputations. I don't own a glock yet but if I was choosing between a glock or an xd I think I would go for the glock.. I am really considering buying a glock because they just keep going... durable and reliable as hell. this coming from a person who said they would never own a glock just because everyone has a glock already... but I guess there's a reason for it.. the more I read or more videos I see of putting 500 rounds or so through a fully automatic glock in like a minute... can really be seen that you can beat the crap out of it and not even have to guess if it will still work or not..
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