Ruger LCP .380
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Thread: Ruger LCP .380

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    Ruger LCP .380

    Hi Friends-
    The Ruger LCP .380 was supposed to hit the streets a few weeks ago. Has anyone been able to get one yet? No one online or in my area has any yet. Just wondering if there was news from the factory that I missed...

  3. They are out but there is a waiting list here for them ( Ashland Ohio )

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    i was thinkin about pickin one of them up as i am just receiving my ccw and want a small easily concealed carry/ bug

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    I think it will make a great pocket pistol, but I haven't seen one yet. Good luck.

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  6. I haven't seen one yet but it's definately on my wish list! :joia:

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    Try a Kel Tec P3AT. It is what Ruger used to 'design' their LCP
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    one of the gun stores got one in... but it was bought just as fast as they got it.
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    At the time of this writing, there are 9 of them listed on gunbroker. I didn't see any at the Big Reno Gun Show 2 weekends ago or at Cabela's in Reno either.

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    They are all to way high from gunbroker I only paid $245.00 for mine a couple of weeks ago

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    They are slowly but surely making their way in to the main stream. I have heard Ruger is getting swamped with orders. The the mags while you can... :)

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