3 inch 1911 reliability?
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Thread: 3 inch 1911 reliability?

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    3 inch 1911 reliability?

    I have held off with this post, just to be sure the gun was going to be good, I think I have finaly got a sub compact 1911 45 that runs good, and is dependable, after bad luck with a Kimber and a Para, and inconclusive testing with a colt, we traded for a Sig Sauer sub compact 1911 style 45, and at present we have 350+ rds thru it with no gun caused trouble, you do have to keep a good grip on it, but it is very accurate not that much differant than my full size at short range, I have to stop short of endorcing it uncontionaly, because it is a short 1911, but its the best yet, and I trust it enough to carry it, only trouble is I may have to get another, My better half likes it

  3. 3" carry

    I have a 3" Kimber Pro Carry and I have had 0 failures and I push 50-200 rounds a week thru it. I am sure if I used Wolf or some other junk ammo it would have issues but I would not change it for any other carry piece I have fired.

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    3" 1911 reliability?

    It's hit or miss.
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    My 3" Kimber was originally a "miss" during the first couple hundred rounds with a few FTFs, but after smoothing the feed ramp and using Wilson Combat magazines, it's been 100% for the next 1,000 rounds or so.

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    I carry a Para Slim Hog, and I've run thousands of rounds thru it with no problems, it handles as well as my colt gold cups. I made some custom grips for it, so it fits my big hands better, so it's easier to control when shooting left handed.

  7. jd13

    I have a Kimber Ultra Carry, very reliable and accurate. Picked Io the new Kimber Solo last year, also very reliable.

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    Thats pretty much what research has turned up, if you get a good one great, if this new Sig turned out bad I'd sworn them off forever, I did find a couple of local guys that have S&W 3 inchers and they both work great, maybe its the external extractor? what probably disapoints me the most is that Kimber cost me a lot, and we both really liked it, super accurate for a 3 inch, and even though it would be ok for 40-50 rds after a cleaning, I felt I'd never be able to trust it, for a carry gun

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    no problems

    I have carried my Kimber Ulra cdp for 4+ years. Absolutely love it. I have never had an ftf,ejection problems or quite frankly any problems. I have put a thousands of rounds through it. I only shoot quality ammo . No Wolf or Tul, or similar. I use KImber, CMC AND WILSON mags. Change recoil springs,only as a precautionary measure, had no problems. Maybe I was just lucky, but I would absolutely buy (and probably will) another Kimber.

  10. I've had great performance from my Para P-10 although I like my LDA 12.45 even more. It just fits my hands better.

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    Regarding reliability issues....

    I had a Springfield GI Micro Compact 1911 (3" bbl, of course) and had nothing but trouble with it. I took it to a friend who BUILDS $3,000.00+ 1911s and he had trouble with it, too. Of course, he offered to build me one for $3G....I said no thanks, and sold the **** thing for parts. Three years later a guy had an identical gun at the range. His worked flawlessly. I think if you get a bad one, it's a booger. If you get a good one, love it with all your heart? I guess?

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