Ruger SR9 recall
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Thread: Ruger SR9 recall

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    Ruger SR9 recall

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    That's too bad, the SR9 was a pistol that was getting a lot of attention. I hope it doesn't kill the momentum of this fine pistol.
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    That does indeed suck. i was looking at getting one of these in a few years, of course by then all the bugs should be worked out anyway, but it sucks for current owners.

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    I am sorry they have had some issues. I am, however, sure they will repair them. It will be somewhat of an inconvenience, but I have faith in Ruger. Obviously, many new products have bugs that have to be worked out.

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    It doesn't look to bad to me. They already have a fix, are trying to get the guns returned within a week, are paying shipping both ways and giving you a free spare magazine for your trouble. When I use a pistol with a manual safety, I keep it on safe until I go to point in at what I'm going to shoot. It looks like the only possible danger would be dropping the gun after taking it off of safe.

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    They told me that they were not even going to start sending out the boxes for return till mid May!!
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  8. Ruger sr9

    Has anybody shipped their SR-9 to ruger and had it returned? I'm wondering if it changed anything with the trigger pull to the gun? Did it change anything else with the weapon?


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    I bought an SR9 last year new. The recall had already taken care of it, and I liked the feel of it, but didn't like the striker fire part and never got the thing to fire a decent grouping so sold it. I like Rugers, mostly, but couldn't fall in love with the SR9. Had a lot of stovepipes, and failures to engage even with premium ammo.

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