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    I carry my G27 in a Galco Scout AIWB with either a larger shirt / t-shirt or a tucked in shirt. I have never been made that I know of.

  3. My G27 has a belt clip and it rides out of sight in boot or on waist.

  4. You can learn a lot from the style people. Some colors, fabrics, shades, textures will conceal better than others.

  5. Big flowery shirts that draw a lot of attention are good because most people think you a tourist.

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    I switch between my Baby Desert Eagle .40 and my 1911 on the hip and under a shirt... no problem. IWB is really uncomfortable for me and my belts never seems to it properly. I have completely given up on the IWB, I've tried a bunch and can't seem to get used to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowardCohodas View Post
    Using the SmartCarry requires some adjustments and experimentation.

    Drawing from a SmartCarry is not fast. My time has improved with practice. I am now experimenting with a move that looks like I'm pulling up my pants (I've got a little bit of a tummy ) that ends with a draw.

    Drawing from a sitting position is more difficult. When I sit I also hike my pants and with my thumbs I also hike the SmartCarry. This leaves my rather large pistol nearly verticle. For driving I've added a ClipDraw so that I can carry IWB without holster.
    I wear my Sc looser. It's almost at belly button level. Now i'm a 48 waist (DOWN FROM A 52 SINCE JANUARY!:7:), I use "smooth framed guns" glocks, revolvers WITHOUT exposed hammers, dove tails ...though I'd love it.

    I love this system. Over 4 years wearing this almost every day. I actually wore my first out. Rubbing on bottom edge of seams. I put duct tape over it. I also added cut out plastic milk jug inside the front panel to help with lighter Glock trigger and any foreign object that could get into it...but honestly I'm not letting anything get that close to my weapon.

    Some are squeemish about having a weapon so close to "the guys", but It's a PROVEN protective cup. My neightbors 8 year old little girl, gave me an apple tossed underhand, when I wasn't looking and it hit right on my Glock. Everyone in the room thought I was going to double over in pain. I saw the look of pain on all the males faces and most of the older females. Then they remembered (close family and friends) that my Glock saved my life....well, not my life...but some pain.:y:
    Rule #1 of CCW: Don't get made.

  8. I carry a p99

    I bought a crossbreed holster to fit it and I love it,it's an iwb holster but I cant't feel it most of the time.I also use a smartcarry because I wear overalls to work in and this also is a very good set up(very easy access in overalls)also both of these holsters fit my xd40sub as well so I can carry either weapon without having to change other note -I'm 6'3" and 385lbs and don't have any problems concealing the guns. hope this helps

  9. A paddle holster to me is the worst. I prefer an IWB holster (Milt Sparks VersaMax-II) at 3:30 or so with spare magazine(s) OWB. :lach:

    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

  10. ... uncle mike's #3 with a S&W 642 in it. front pocket, jeans, cargo shorts, khakis, etc. if you notice the bulge you got the wrong idea...
    tried the taurus pt-111 with IWB holster at 4:00, too printing, uncomfy. went with the jframe in the hip pocket, can't tell. not much bigger than a pack o smokes...

  11. Kel tec 32 or 380 in pocket holster gets lost. Or try one of these with a 40 cal cleaning brush inside the barrel hanging from a chain around neck. LEO just showed me this for a backup.

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