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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Kel tec 32 or 380 in pocket holster gets lost. Or try one of these with a 40 cal cleaning brush inside the barrel hanging from a chain around neck. LEO just showed me this for a backup.
    ROTFL!!!! That is hillarious!

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    Personally, I prefer an OWB pancake, with an FBI cant, at 3:30 from Galco. As long as I wear a shirt or jacket that comes at least to the top of my back pants pocket I am fine. I carry either a Browning Hi-Power or a full size 5 1911.

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    I recently got a Crossbreed holster and it is working out better every day. It just forms to my body and I usually don't know that it is there.

    I currrenty carry a Smith and Wesson M&P 9c. I may purchase one of these for my Kimber 1911.

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    I kidney carry an XD.45 compact in one of three K&D Holsters or occasionally an .380 Bersa Thunder in an Dakota Defender.

    All K&D Holsters are made from premium grade leather. All three designs are well thought out for concealment, ease of carry, retention, draw and reholster. The craftsmanship is nothing short of extraordinary. Second to none IMO The boning inside as well as the outside captures even the tiniest detail of the gun. On the inside of my Bersa holster you can read the Bersa logo. While adding to the beauty of the holster its primary function is gun retention. Securely holding your gun in place no matter what you are doing. You can hold these holsters upside down and the gun will not fall out. When reholstering it feels like the gun gets sucked in and snaps into place. All of the edges are precisely cut and you can not see where the different layers of leather are bonded together. Every single stitch is straight and exactly where it should be. A proprietary finishing process allows Kevin to make extremely thin holsters that retain their shape for a lifetime and keeps the holster mouth open for easy reholster. The pics do not even come close to doing these holsters justice.

    The Maverick Defender is and adjustable locking cant holster. Using a rotating lock designed and manufactured for K&D Holsters it allows you to lock the holster at any angle you want. I carry mine at a 43 degree cant which sets the grip right where my hand naturally falls allowing for a faster draw and extremely comfortable carry especially when I am spending a lot of time in the car. I can draw while seat belted by leaning forward slightly. It can be worn IWB or OWB (between the belt and pants). Slightly thicker over all than a Dakota Defender I use it under an normally untucked button down flannel shirts or sweat shirt during the cooler months

    Even though I prefer a 43 degree cant. I am glad I did not ask for a complete redesign of the Eagle Defender. I really like its simple elegant minimalist look. The shark skin is subtle and gives it just enough pop to separate it from a run of the mill holster. Kevin did a great job adjusting it to suit my needs. He even made the grain of shark skin follow the contours of my gun which gives it a really nice look. Eagle Defender is my dress up OWB that I wear when I open carry or if I am wearing layers of clothes. As stated above the retention is excellent. Critical fro an OWB IMO. It holds my XD close to my body the grip pressed snugly against me. It made me realize that I need a nice BBQ gun for OC

    The Dakota Defender is my deep concealment holster. As I said above this too is an exceptionally well made holster It has wider wings than most other IWB holsters of this style which distribute the weight so well you barley feel your gun at all. It also seems to make the gun feel more stable on draw and reholster. The clips allow you to set how deep you want to carry as well as set the cant. Once you find that sweet spot the gun virtually disappears from your conscious awareness and as well as visually. I have no problem concealing wearing a light T-Shirt and shorts even under a loose tank top. When you do remember the gun the suede leather backing makes it feel great against the skin.

    Hope the pics look OK I have been having trouble with my monitor so let me know if they look screwy

    Bersa Dakota Defender

    XD.45 Dakota Defender

    XD.45 Eagle Defender

    My K&D Family
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    I carry an Uzi Eagle (Baby Eagle when it was imported by Mossberg) in a Smart Carry Holster, or in an IWB just behind my hip.

    I agree that the smart carry can be a bit slow to draw from, but in the summer, in florida, there are limited acceptable options for business casual envirnoments, and I will definately take a slower draw over leaving my gun at home.

    As for the people that have issues with the location, when you wear it fairly low (as I do), your bulge (if you are male) will point it out just enough that it doesn't seem like you would be able to shoot yourself with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidM View Post
    I had another thought. unfortunately, this will be mt last thought of the day :D . Nobody else sees it as clearly as you do. You may think it's totally obvious you're wearing a gun, but to others it's just a bump.

    I agree, at first you might as well be dragging a cannon with a burning fuse, but later you realise, they don't see or care.

  8. Most of the time, it does not matter as long as the gun is not easily visible. I carry IWB and try to go for larger clothing to support that type of carry. I use a smart carry when I want to look lean.

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    OWB or in real hot weather somethings a fanny pack. In cooler weather often in a Coranado leather vest.
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  10. Does the word selfconcuess come to mind. It take some getting used to carring.As for the keltec on the neckless it works. Stays down inside vest.

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    Interesting idea using the 40 cal brush.;) A better way is with a neck holster. Look at these ...
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