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    OK so I just got my permit to carry yesterday and I have been trying out different methods of concealing. I have a fobus paddle holster and a utg shoulder holster. I have tried fitting both holsters under light jackets and sweatshirts, but no matter how I try to wear, it always sticks out and is obvious i am trying to conceal. Anybody have any tips/methods? I have been all over the internet trying to find out, but apparently nobody else has these problems and I just may be retarded...I am trying to conceal a Walther P99, thanks for any help/advice/suggestions

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    If I remember correctly yours is a 4" barrel. I carry a 4.5" barrel M&P 45 with a CT laser in a SmartCarry Never been made.
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!
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    For most it seems to depend on the size of the gun, the size of the person and choice of holster and wardrobe. I'm 5'9" and 210. The only holster that works for me with a full sized pistol, like my Sig P229, is an inside the waistband rig on my firing side hip. Even with this, I have to wear a vest or light jacket. There is no way that I can pull off wearing it with just a loose fitting shirt. I know people with different builds that seem to be able to conceal anything with a loose shirt. A smartcarry type setup works, but it's not my favorite place to store a gun. Luckily I'm in Nevada, where printing isn't illegal. If a few people figure out that I might possibly be carrying, they won't be sure enough to make a scene.

  5. thanks for the input guys, I've found it I put my paddle holster in the front of my pants, it's pretty easy to hide with anything, but putting it on my hip is all but impossible to conceal. I might stick with that for now, but I don't like the idea of my gun going off with my barrel pointed at my pride and joy...

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    I like an Inside the waist band holster (IWB) at about 4 o'clock (right behind my strong hand hip bone).

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    I carry a P229 and at times a SA 1911-A1 with a iwb don hume holster, I just wear a pull over shirt and everything is fine. I am about 5' 9 1/2" and 285 lbs.. and sometimes I wear the same guns in a Fobus paddle holster on my hip about 4 o'clock and wear a decorative T shirt that I tuck in and then put on a large button up shortsleeve shirt that i wear like a light jacket and I don't button it up. It covers the gun and I can get to it really quick.

    Texas law says it cannot be discernible as a firearm. A slight bump in the shirt, it could be a pager, cellphone, etc..

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    I had another thought. unfortunately, this will be mt last thought of the day :D . Nobody else sees it as clearly as you do. You may think it's totally obvious you're wearing a gun, but to others it's just a bump.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    I carry a Springfield Armory Micro Compact .45 in a Galco holster. I wear it inside the waistband at the 4 o'clock position.....

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    I have a IWB Galco holster with the J-hook. Today I was messin around with a buddy of mine, and he pushed me a bit, and I hit the wall (not very hard at all.) The dang J-hook broke off. The holster cost me something like $60, and now it's useless. When I draw my CCW, the holster comes with it.
    I figured I'd save a bit of money on a cheap holster, but it didn't take much at all to ruin the damn POS. Last time I make that mistake.
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    I usually CC a SA XD9 SC or a CZ p01 with paddle holsters at 4 oclock. That's if I'm wearing a coat or flannel shirt. Now that it's warming up I sometimes use a fanny pack but most of the time it's the Kel tec P3AT in front jeans pocket in a Mike's #3 pocket holster.
    I agree that there's a difference between printing and a lump. Nobodies ever asked me what that lump is or even noticed it as far as I know. I just don';t worry about it.
    Funny thing I read awhile back about this. Someone asked the dude (with a lump) if he had a gun. He said no--it's my colostomy bag--wanna see it. Problem solved

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