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Thread: need your experience with ccw pick

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    I haven't seen any recommendations on the Kahr. I have the new CW9 on my hip now and it is my current favorite. If you have the chance rent a Kahr. This 9mm is softer shooting than most of the 380s I have owned and just as small.
    The only Kahr I can coment is the CW-45 I had, it would not fire 3-4 rds and the takedown lever kept coming out and trigger quit working, it was returned and repaired, worked ok, but because of that I will not trust a Kahr

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    I have a XD 40 3.8" in OD Green, this has become my favorite carry piece. I have had very good luck with Springfield Firearms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by preppernow View Post
    And if anyone tells you a 9mm is not enough gun, ask them if they want to stand in front of it when you shoot it. I doubt if you will have any takers.
    ...........right on!..............
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    I am so enjoying this site. Alot of useful information and I must say I was raised to respect and shoot guns but it was not until this site I thought they were an accessory to and outfit. Lol. It took me a while to decide on my p220. So I will keep looking until something calls at me. Btw I saw photos of leaked new m&p shield. Any of u have experience with m&p? My buddy at the prison can't stand it but my Leo friend loves his.
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    I just got a Kahr cm9. So far I have about a 150 rnds through it. It shoots good and so far it hasn't had any problems. I believe it is the same size as the pm9, there are some differences in them though.

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    I've got an M&P-9, M&P9c, M&P22 and M&P15-22. Love them ALL. I'm excited to see the new "Shield" that is being released tomorrow too. I've got a Springfield XDm-9 also, great pistol but I always seem to grab for the M&P shelf when I'm just taking one with me. Put them in your hand and see what you think, that's always the best way to know.

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    I can't wait to wrap my hand around the shield. Anybody know anything about the diamond back reliability?
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    I did get my hand on the xd sub 9and wow I like. The w9 not so much
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    I decided. I got the xd sub 9. First thru 12th shot bullseye awesome feel to it
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  11. Bersa Thunder UltraCompact 9mm

    You really must consider this excellent firearm for quality, craftsmanship, ruggedness, reliability, and a price about half of others! I have one and love it! Great for concealed carry and also firepower and you can't beat the price . If you check out reviews, it gets mostly five stars which is what give it!

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