Which .45 for CCW?
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Thread: Which .45 for CCW?

  1. Which .45 for CCW?

    What .45 did you buy for CCW? Looking for suggestions, discussion.

  3. Glock 30. If I could find a good IWB, tuckable holster with a thumb break, I'd carry my Glock 21! :)

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    If you can wait for and find one of these, my money is on the new Springfield XDs .45
    It's on my short list. They are also working on a 9 and .40 version.

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    I have the XD and usually carry with a Smart Carry holster. I have an IWB, a shoulder rig, and several OWB holsters but the Smart Carry is my favorite. Go to a gun shop where you can handle a bunch of them. Then try to find a place you can shoot your favorites. That's what I did and I've been happy that I went that route. Everyone has different sized hands and different handguns will be more comfortable than others. Good luck in your search!!!

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    I carry the Taurus PT145. Really compact and has 10 round magazines. Nice to shoot also.I carry a Taurus PT1911 for duty carry.

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    RIA officers model. I like my Rock!

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    The first one I bought for conceal carry was a full size Kimber CDP. I carried it for a good while until I decided it was just a tad to long in the barrel and grip. I then bought a SIG RCS which is a CCO style 1911, i.e., commander length barrel on an officer's frame. With the shorter grip, it never prints. And the shorter barrel makes it much easier and more comfortable to sit. It is pretty much the only gun I now carry. My Kimber is gathering dust in the drawer.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
    What .45 did you buy for CCW? Looking for suggestions, discussion.
    I just recently bought the xdm 45 3.8...Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but I plan on going to the range soon. Hopefully this weekend.

  11. Kimber Ultra Carry II - 3" barrel - White Hat IWB. Comfortable, doesn't print.

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