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  1. Glock 21 - Lefty

    I am a lefty, and decided to try a Glock 21. I am wondering what tips other lefties have for handling the gun. The biggest issue thusfar appears to be locking and unlocking the slide.

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    Sell it and get something ambidextrous like an FNX.

  4. Keep it and use it. I'm lefty and I love mine. Sweet shooting and very accurate! No problems with the left handed shooting, either...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattTheBeerGuy View Post
    Sell it and get something ambidextrous like an FNX.
    Or keep it and have an awesome gun?

  6. Agree with Matt, I'm a lefty and sold the only Glock I ever bought after a month (it was also a 21). Much prefer M&P or a FNS/FNX for a plethora of reasons including ambidextrous controls.

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