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    How long can you leave ammunition in the magazine without compromising the spring integrity?

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    The newer magazines are not an issue. Magazines pre 80's were prone to having their springs compress when kept loaded and then would cause loading issues. It was an easy fix, you just pulled the magazine floor plate off, pulled the spring out and stretched it back out and put it back together.
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    10-15yrs no problems with my Glock and Colts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmike86 View Post
    10-15yrs no problems with my Glock and Colts
    Yeah I never believed this, but then talking to a friend of mine who has been a LEO for 18+ years, said he hasn't ever changed springs of any kind in his duty or his back up. Blew me away.

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    This question gets asked a lot; the general consensus is that it’s the constant compression and release cycle that wears out the spring not a constant compression.

    That said, magazine springs are fairly inexpensive, if you are that worried buy a few spares
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