LC9 Issues?
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Thread: LC9 Issues?

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    LC9 Issues?

    I have a student that has an LC9 that just does not function as it should. Drops mags on its own.......does it for everyone that shoots it (it is not shooter error)...Sent the gun back. Ruger "fixed" it still does the same thing.

    I have had about 10 - 12 LC9 's go through my courses, no issues other than this one. Ideas?

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    Try either a new magazine or mag catch. They might of "fixed" the spring in the mag catch but if the issue is the mag then that won't fix it.

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    If a new magazine doesn't work try a new mag catch.

  5. My wife and I both have LC9s and have had none of these problems. Sounds like the mag to me

  6. The only problem I have with mine is that the take-down lever is nearly impossible to work (still after several usages). Other than that it runs great.

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    1/17/12 purchased LC9

    5/4/12 Ruger invited my LC9 for a three week vacation. After 3600 rounds fired, the slide locks open after every shot.

    5/16/12 Ruger returned my LC9. It had a broken slide stop. Range trip - 100 rounds fired with no problems. Trigger seems smoother & less recoil with new 20# recoil spring I had ordered while the weapon was at Ruger.

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    sent from my sending device

  8. No issues with my LC9. Solid performer.

  9. my lc9's mag release button rusted from sweat. It would hang up some but a little tlc and clp and it seems better. I no longer let it be next to my skin on IWB carry.

  10. Magazine issues

    I just bought an LC9 two days ago and I seem to be having magazine issues.

    I was searching the Internet for some suggestions when this thread came up in Google.

    Anyway, here's something I noticed about this issue. I would appreciate someone letting me know if this is the way your LC9 works or not.

    1). If I make SURE my hands and fingers are clear of the magazine when I push the release button, it will pop right out every time.
    However, If I obstruct the magazines path in any way, it gets really hung in there and takes some serious force to pull it out.
    I have several nice bright bare metal scars on the magazine from this. If, however, when the magazine gets stuck I once again fully depress the release button, the magazine will come out easily.

    2). If I press the release button with one hand and block the magazine from ejecting more than say 1/4 inch then release the magazine release button, it REALLY gets stuck in there. I then have to press and HOLD the magazine release button to re4move the magazine.

    What I am wondering is if this is normal. If you press the magazine release button and block the magazine from fully ejecting, is it "normal" for it to be difficult to remove the rest of the way without pressing the release button again and holding it while you remove the magazine?


  11. No help here since my LC9 has run clean. Interested to see what the issue is. Only weapon that dropped magazines was my Kel-Tec Sub2000 and that was because of the location of the magazine release. I shoot rifles left handed and it was causing me to push the mag release everytime I pulled the trigger. I'm sure I looked like an idiot since I did it a dozen times before figuring out what was going on. I'm a slow learner.

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