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  1. crossbreed holsters

    I have been shopping for a new iwb holster for my Kimber compact stainless, and was curious if anyone has their supertuck. Any opinions on them and any suggestions. Thank you.

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    Amazing. Buy the quick clip too.

  4. I carry a full size 1911 daily and hardly even notice it. I wear the supertuck with a suit. I generally leave the handle untucked, but when taking off my suit coat and not wanting to be visible, it takes just a few seconds to tuck my shirt over the pistol. A very simple yet perfect holster.

    Don't be discouraged for the first week or do after you get it, there is a break in period for the leather to adjust to your body and carry position.

  5. My supertuck is so comfortable I quit bothering with underwear.............. This style of holster is very comfortable and is easy to draw/reholster any firearm. I so go for it. Check out is you want to save some money and cut your wait time.

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    McKenzie holsters are very similar to the Crossbreed... I have 2 for a Kahr CM9 one belt type ... one IWB ... I have seen the Crossbreed, but never handled them... they appear almost identical to the McKenzie models so, you may want to check them out also... Mackenzie Holsters I really like my Mckenzies (Lifetime Warranty) and will not hesitate to order them for my other handguns!
    (I would really like to see a real world comparison of the Crossbreed and McKenzie holsters)

    Another company to look at (just to really give you some options) is Alabama Holsters...really good company from what I've seen.... they did a Kydex pocket holster for my CM9....excellent work and also Lifetime Warranty on all their products Alabama Holster Company - Concealment Products That "Just Plain Work"

    So there ya go....choices!!

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    I have been carrying my Glock 19 in the SuperTuck regularly for the past three years. I have several holsters but the SuperTuck is superior for all day comfort and concealability. I highly recommend it.

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    Try a Clevelands Holster... I think it is better than my crossbread

    Save you some bucks!
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    Have been using Crossbreed for 3 years. Have one for Bersa Thunder for summer and one for full size 1911 when clothing allows. Great holster solutions.

  10. Look at the Maxtuck from Same as the crossbreed except you can swap out the kydex if you have more than one gun. The extra kydex is only $20 instead of buying a new holster for each gun

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    My edc is a M&P .45 compact...which still has a 4" barrel and 8 round mag. Its a mid sized pistol with all the same dimentions as a .45 as far as its width. My IWB holster is a crossbreed and I love it. Its worth the money. And the combat cut is the way to go.

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