9mm vs. .40 S&W
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Thread: 9mm vs. .40 S&W

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    9mm vs. .40 S&W

    So I'm looking at getting a Glock, and it seems that the most widely available models are chambered in either 9mm or .40 S&W. But which is better in terms of availability and cost of ammo, reliability, stopping power, etc?

    I've shot the 9mm, and will shoot the .40 S&W before I pull the trigger (pardon the pun).


    (apologies in advance if this has been debated before...I did a few searches and came up empty)

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    I have both and find that availability for both is good and 9mm is considerably cheaper. As of the rest I will just sit back and watch the argument that will ensue.

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    Not gonna argue either- I have both calibers in sub-compact carry semi-auto's. The .9mm is less expensive, in general. If cost is a factor, I'd stick with the .9mm. I carry the .40 S&W daily, but I keep the .9mm as a backup, not that I "need" it. There's a plethora of knowledge and ballistics on both.

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    Whatever you can control best.I own a 23 and like it more than the 19....but thats me.I used to not like Glocks until I finallygave in bought one. Now I have 3...
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    No argument here. I carry the FNX-40, but would not be opposed to a 9mm. Its really is all about personal preference. You can listen to ballistics discussions, or cost discussions, but either caliber will give you the exact same result if you train often and shoot well.

  7. It was my understanding that the .40 was supposed to be the middle ground between the 9mm and .45acp.
    More stopping power than a 9mm but less recoil and easier control than the .45acp.
    I have no direct experience with this but FWIW thats what I've heard...

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    Have both, carry both, either will have excellent terminal ballistics for self defense if using the right load. In essence buy and carry what you're comfy with. The 9 will give you more rounds in the mag and is considerably cheaper.
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    Ok everyone is right so far. One thing and it is a stretch.if ammo becomes less available (war of the worlds or what ever) there are like 100 times more 9s out there and you will be a lot more likely to find 9s than 40s. A stretch but when all the other have right thats the only thing left.

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    I prefer the 40 over the 9

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    I have both. My preference is my SR40c, but that's the because of the firearm, not the caliber.
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