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  1. Open Carry Holster for RIA 1911

    Hey guys, this is my first forum and first post.

    Oklahoma recently (last week) had open carry passed which will fall into action on Nov. 1st. I currently conceal and carry a Kahr CW9. Great gun, lightweight, etc. I have a nice Desantis Cozy Partner IWB holster for it. With open carry passing, I am about to purchase a Rock Island Armory 1911 Standard GI issue. I am not looking for persuasion on what 1911 to get, as I have done my research, but am just wondering what holsters (OWB) any of you might carry your RIA or similar 1911. Eyeballing a nice Mitch Rosen as we speak.

    Thank you all,

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    I have RIA 1911 38 super nickel. I carry mine in Desantis Sof-Tuk as open carry is not legal in Florida. You made a good choice with the RIA no rattle in mine, accurate, no hiccups whatso ever. I just wiped the oil off, shot a hundered rounds in less then 15 minutes. Ammo is hard to find locally. Have to order for the 38super. Then shot my primary edc Colt Gov't .380. Had my wife with me, her first time shooting. She's addicted now. Holsters are a personal thing, like my taste in Scotch.
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    I use a garrett industries kydex/leather with my RI. I will always use them for my holster needs and no I am not affiliated with them in any way. Excellent product and excellent customer service
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    Blackhawk Serpa CQC retention holster. Comfortable, easy draw and good retention.

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