XDs 45, Anyone have one?
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Thread: XDs 45, Anyone have one?

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    XDs 45, Anyone have one?

    Anyone have/shoot this yet? Looking at it Myself and no one here where I live(NM) has them in stock yet. Really want to try one as I have a XDm 9 and would like a larger caliber to qualify for CC permit(in NM if using a 9 mm cannot conceal carry anything larger, ONLY 9mm or smaller). Hope to hear some good things here on this pistol.

  3. I have shot one they are nice!!!

  4. I'm used to a 9mm to and it was an easy transition

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    Im looking for that and the p938.dont know which is going to be my pocket pistol of choice
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    Been looking forward to getting my hands on one of those. I haven't even seen any on Gunbroker. :-\ Anyway, if you are just looking for a concealed carry sized polymer .45ACP, don't forget about the Glock 36 and Kahr PM45. w-

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    I shot one a few weeks ago. If you have an XDm in 9mm, you will have very little problem with the .45. Very nice!
    I am considering that or a Ruger 1911 for my next pistol.

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    I am hoping to get a chance to shoot one but it's not a gun I desire to own. I'm sure it's a fine firearm! I own an XD-40 Sub-Compact and XDM-9 and used to own an XD-45 Tactical. I am a huge Springfield fan!! You really can't lose with an XD

  10. The XD 45 is my primary carry weapon. I really love this gun. It is so comfortable to shoot. Of course, as I always tell people, the best gun is the one you're most comfortable shooting. My wife doesn't enjoy shooting it because of her hand size, so if you've got smaller hands you might want to look at the Springfield 1911 model for the 45. Other than that, I highly recommend this gun.

  11. I looked at one at the NRA convention. I have a couple XD's, 40 subcompact and 45. I love them both. I really like the s, I believe it would be a great carry weapon.

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