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  1. Caracal 9mm

    Have anyone had any experience with this gun? Where can I buy IWB hosters for the gun and mag? Thanks in advance.

  3. I have a Caracal compact 9mm. I believe Blackhawk has some holsters. You might want to check out the Caracal Forum at • Index page

  4. Thanks shedberg.

  5. I just bought some extra mags here:
    Caracal C 9mm 15rd Compact Mag #MAGCARACAL-C

    Cheapest I could find them.

    Have fun with the new gun! I love mine!!!

  6. I bought one with 2 extra mags and a speed loader. I took it to the range and performed well. The only problem is its finish already faded and I did not put it in any holsters yet.

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