Why a 1911?
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Thread: Why a 1911?

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    Why a 1911?

    I am honestly wondering what the draw is for a 1911 pistol. I know that there is quite a following for them, so I am just curious about what makes them better than another pistol?

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    they have been around for over 100 years and still used on a common basis without change to the designs. says something about the guns. but its also like glock guys praising glocks like a god, revolver guys hating polymer guns.

  4. I agree with Ryan the long service life and good service is why its liked so much I have three in different barrel lengths

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    It is a great gun, but it's not the end-all-be-all pistol. Only in the hands of someone who can shoot it well, does it do any good. I love the 1911 because of it's reliability, but won't buy one, because it's too much gun for me personally.

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    I love the reliability, and the accuracy of mine over my other pistols. The service length says a lot about the design. It's kind of like the AK of pistols. Big parts, simple design, effective results. In its full size 5" configuration it easily mitigates the recoil of the .45 ACP round due to the weight and balance. All around it's an awesome piece of hardware.
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    I believe your question will be best answered if you were to shoot one for yourself.

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    My reason I owned a polymer gun and the grip warped just ever so slightly and didn't hurt a thing but it just bugged me and I decided next would be a metal one. My choice Was the Colt 1911 has been flawless so far for 3 years.

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    I'm going to go a slightly different route. They are just down right beautiful!! A nicely made stainless 1911 commander sized (4inch barrel) with wood grips is a gun you could just stare at for hours. ( I have ADHD so that says A LOT). That's my reason for liking them.
    The other reasons are valid, also I've never picked up another type of gun that felt as good as one. No other gun "feels" as good in the hand as a 1911.
    Btw my daily carry is g36, which I love but my heart will always be with jmb's masterpiece!!

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    Whether it's the classic, timeless design, or the fact that they just plain feel good when you shoot them...I love 'em. I have five and shoot them a lot.

    Having said that, my carry weapon is a G26. Go figure.
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    At over 100 years of use, the design is well proven to work well and the feel and looks are wonderful.
    The history of them leads me to believe that every gun person should have one.
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