Kel Tec PF-9 My 2 Cents
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Thread: Kel Tec PF-9 My 2 Cents

  1. Kel Tec PF-9 My 2 Cents

    I have been carrying a pf9 as my every day carry gun for about a year now. I have been to the range and practiced with it several times only shooting about 50 rounds each time and just doing some target shooting. Yesterday I attended a 6 hour tactical shooting class where I shot 350 rounds. I decided I would take my pf9 for two reasons. One is to get some needed under stress trigger time on it, and second to put the gun through a strong work out to see if it would fail me. After a day of doing all kinds of drills here are my impressions.

    First off, 350 rounds is way way to many to put though this gun in one day. Not for the gun but for the shooter. Over 24 hours later my hand is still swollen and hurts! Near the end of the class every shot was agony. As for the gun, I was very impressed with how it handled the day. The only ammo I used was Blazzer 115 grain aluminum cased ammo. I didn't have one single feeding or extracting problem the entire day. The only problem I had were 3 failure to fires. All three of those rounds had good primer strikes so I would attribute them to ammo issues, not issues with the gun.

    The gun was shooting slightly high and right for me but once I found out where to hold I was keeping my shots in the 10 ring and ringing 8" plates all day. During off hand only drills my groups opened up greatly. The gun is alot to handle with weak hand only.

    In summary I would say I was pleasantly surprised with how well the gun performed. I will not be taking this gun to the range for an extended session any time soon. After about 200 rounds it is plain painful to shoot. But then again, if I get myself into a gun fight where I need 200 rounds a throbbing hand will be the least of my problems.

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    good to hear, Glad you are happy with it! I am no longer a KelTec fan but am glad it works well for you and that's what counts.

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    I couldn't imagine putting 350 rounds through my PF9 in one session! I ususally do 50 rounds and that's plenty. Like most pocket guns it's not exactly a pleasure to shoot. Still, I trust it fully.
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  5. I forgot to mention that I got a nasty blister on my trigger finger from the pf9 trigger. Gotta look into getting the aluminum replacement trigger.

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    Holy heck!!!!
    350 rounds???
    I thought I was nuts for Doing a 100 a session through mine.

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    Sounds like fun thanks for the summery, were did you do the training?

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    Never had a complaint with my keitects operation, its a good weapon for which its intended, concealed carry and personal protechtion, but I would sooner take a slingshot to the range,

  9. The training was in Springfield Ohio. It is billed as "advanced concealed carry" but is more advanced pistol than concealed carry. I'm looking into some classes at TDI here in Ohio. Have heard good things.

  10. Just read your post... 350 rounds through the Kel-Tec in a day... no thank you!

    I love my PF9, snappy recoil and all. It has about 500 rounds through it; I've tried as many types of ammo as I can and it hasn't malfunctioned yet. It's my daily carry and I have no doubts about it's ability to function properly.

  11. Kel Tec PF-9 My 2 Cents

    If that's like shooting a lcp forget that lol . I could only imagine

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