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Thread: Night Sights -- yes or no?

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    Not necessary but very helpful. All it'll take to make you believe that is one low-light shooting experience
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    There may just be one or two of us who WORK NIGHTS ... not those cushy bankers' hours. I have XS on my LC9 and my Sig P238 came factory default with night sights. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoobee View Post
    Its ok Rhino I moved you onto the ignor list.
    I'm heartbroken.

    Quote Originally Posted by maine04619 View Post
    I have night sights on all my carry weapons for the same reason I carry the firearm just in case. Take one night training course and you will quickly see how beneficial they can be. Also shooting in your home at night they can be a major plus.
    That's what sold me on them. I needed to investigate a noise in a dark house one night and it wasn't advisable for me to turn on the lights. I could see shadows or silhouettes just fine, but I couldn't see my sights at all. My Sig came with night sights but they're all the same color, so lining them up in the dark is difficult because it isn't always initially obvious which green dot is the front sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680 View Post
    How easy to install on a glock? Should I take to the local gun smith?
    Probably a good idea. You can buy the sight tools for your glock and do it yourself. The front sight was harder to install than the rear. Make sure you get it centered.

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    I think that at least the front site needs to be a night site. Chances are, if you have to use your weapon in the dark you'll only have "time" to use one dot... the front. Put the dot wear you want to shoot and squeeze.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    I teach a low-light course. We recommend not activating the laser until you have the target somewhat acquired on your night-sights. You're absolutely correct. Walking around the house with your laser blazing away is a very bad tactic.

    When using a flashlight it's hard to see standard sights. When you hit the light your eyes need a few seconds to adjust. During that time the standard sights can't be seen very well.

    In order... approximate target location. Maintain night sight picture in that general area. Activate light, laser and fire in one fast sequential move. Immediately disengage light and laser but staying on target in the location. Leave the perp down and blinded by that 180 lumen flash.
    That never occurred to me to use the laser like you would your tactical flashlight. Thanks for the post.
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