looking at some revolvers
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Thread: looking at some revolvers

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    looking at some revolvers

    I'm new to revolvers but have an itch and would like one 4" 357 and one j frame for conceal prob also 357 although i might pack 38 sp when carrying. I was looking at some s&w and some rugers, I really liked the s&w 640 as a carry gun. The one complaint I have is trigger pulls seem very heavy compared to my pistols. I also don't like those locks on the new ones...... Do any of you have input on revolvers? Thanks.

  3. looking at some revolvers

    I have a 642 as my carry and love it. The trigger pull is a little on the long side but I got used to it pretty quickly.

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    i like a heavy trigger it's good safety imo......my browning has a heavy trigger for the first round and i feel safe using that as my safety and keeping my manual safety on off so all i have to do is draw aim and fire......
    but each has their own comfort zone and likable features in a gun....what kind of locks ??
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    The lock have been a problem for some people, locking the gun up while shooting it. Some are taking it out.
    The trigger pull can be smoothed up by a good gunsmith.
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    I own a 642, 38 special. The long trigger is not an issue. Like any gun, take it to the range and learn its characteristics. The DOA makes for a good safety. I like the hammerless design. Makes conceal carry easier.

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    I also have a 642. Airweight. Love it. In summer.

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    Check out the Ruger SP101 357 3" barrel, I've got one and its become my main carry, favorite gun too, its a tank!
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    Sounds like the 642 is a popular model, I will check that one out. Thanks.

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    I have a 30 yr old SW model 19 w/a 4" barrel 357 I love this gun and will never get rid of it. Can't even guess how many round have gone thru the barrel.

    Check out the SW Governor I carry it with me most of the time. It's loaded with 6 rounds of 45 colt. It has a built in locking device.
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    If you don't like the trigger pull on a gun, change it. I put the Apex Tactical Duty spring kit in my S&W 642. It brought the trigger pull down from 12lb to 9ish. I also cleaned it up a bit on the inside and the trigger pull is clean, crisp and breaks nicely.
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