Due to the need for more training time for my wife and myself, the cost of ammunition and our schedules, I’m looking for two additional pistols to add to our training regimen for marksmanship and manual of arms. First pistol will be a .22 cal firearm; the second will be a gas operated target pistol (bb, pellet, airsoft, don’t care which). The two pistols will need to mimic, as nearly as possible the size, weight and function of the Sig P938. Those are:

Compact 1911 style.
Trigger : Single Action (can get away with SA/DA)
Weight: about 16 oz. (plenty of leeway here but don’t want a 2lb pistol)
Functional left side, frame mounted thumb safety (UP is safety on, DOWN is safety off)

I’ve spent a couple of evenings researching this and have not found many options. As best I can tell all of the .22 cal Walthers and Berettas are eliminated because their thumb safeties work backwards (why’d they do that?). The one .22 I’ve found that might be workable is the GSG-922 from German Sport, but I haven’t found weight specs on it.

Any leads you can give on candidates for either pistol would be much appreciated. We’re planning to use the .22 at the range (along with the P938, of course) and the air pistol in the back yard.

Thanks for your time and help.