Ruger SR22
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  1. Ruger SR22

    I like the looks of this gun. Does anyone care to share their experience with this gun?

  3. Love this gun! Easy to shoot and unbelievable accuracy. Not a single problem after 500 rounds. Unfortunately, my family also loves this gun and someone else always has it on the range. May have to buy another one.

  4. I haven't shot one, but for my money you can't go wrong with a Ruger.

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    My 6 yr old daughters favorite gun! Easy for her to shoot. Like you, need more than 1 around here.
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    Love mine. My girls like it too. My mother liked it so much she went and got her own.

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    The absolute best pistol I've used so far. I gladly gave up my Glock 19 to my wife (hell, she never let me use it anyway). If Ruger's SR9 is anything like this SR22, that will be my next purchase. I've fired over 3000 rounds, of various manufacturers, without a single misfire, misfeed, or any problem at all. It is so comfortable to hold, easy to aim, and easy to maintain.

  8. A great little firearm. It eats almost any brand of ammo. Very accurate and user friendly. I almost bought a Walter P-22 , but I got the Ruger. No regreats.

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    I have owned one since they first came out. We have now fired 1500-2000 rounds through it including many cheap brands. We have had no more than 3-4 FTF or FTE's. That's AMAZING performance. It's also very accurate, given such a short barrel. We have taken out many friends, some of whom have never shot before. Men and women all enjoy it. Several people we let shoot it have gone out and either bought one or plan to. I own other .22s, but this is the best. I highly recommend it!

  10. Thumbs up Ruger SR22

    A friend of mine and I got into shooting at the same time. I purchased the Sig Sauer Mosquito and he purchased the Ruger SR22. The only differende thet we can see is the Ruger is a little smaller grip (he did not modify the grip at all because he has smaller hands) It is very accurate and intuitive to shoot. Comes on target very easy. I recommend to everyone to go out and rent one and try it before buying it.

    Good luck and as always - KEEP SHOOTING.

  11. I bought one about two months ago and have enjoyed shooting it. Have put a couple hundred rounds through it and cleaned it twice. easy to disassemble and clean and reassemble. i like it.

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