In your opinion, what are the best pistols ever designed?
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Thread: In your opinion, what are the best pistols ever designed?

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    In your opinion, what are the best pistols ever designed?

    Pretty straightforward. In your opinion, what is the best revolver and the best semi auto ever designed? And, for those of you who have ever shot anything fully automatic, include the best fully automatic pistol ever designed, no caliber restrictions.

    Let me start it off. Since I've never shot anything fully automatic, I'll only include my best revolver and semi auto.

    Best revolver: Smith and Wesson model 500, .500 caliber
    Best semi auto: tossup between Colt 1911 and anything by Glock.
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    The 1911 45acp
    S&W m19 K frame

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    HK or Sig 9mm
    Colt 357 Python
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    1911 of course, the Hi-Power was designed mainly to get around patents sold on the near perfect design.

    That should begin an argument.

    Revolver--the high point was the S&W 38-44 built in the pre-wwII era.


    .45 ACP (10mm runner up) self loader

    .44 mag revolver
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    HK USP series

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    love my eaa witness. shoots flawlessly. also baby eagle, gotta be one of the most accurate pistols I've ever seen.

    I've shot a fully automatic glock and MP5. both are AWESOME!
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    pistol = Glock (any)
    revolver = Colt Python

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    Browning Hi-Power

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    Para P14 for house gun. 1911 for good shooting guns glock and keltec for getting nasty on bike or in the mud. Tight 1911's like to be clean, an old lose one is almost as good as plastic I think just heaver.

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    Anything 1911 for semi auto S & W model 66 stainless revolver would have to be my choices.

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