Springfield Armory XDS 45?
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Thread: Springfield Armory XDS 45?

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    Springfield Armory XDS 45?

    Anyone purchase the Springfield XDS 45 and have any opinions? Good and Bad welcome?

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    I have both XDM and XDS 45 acp, I carry XDm as my concealed carry. Springfield is a excellent choice of weapon .
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  4. I have both an Xd9 and the XDs. I am very pleased with how both shoot. I will have to get used to the .45 though. Still shooting everything inside the 8's.

  5. Love my XDs. Dead on. Recoil is very manageable.

  6. XD357 Excellent, and with that kind of energy, recoil is quite manageable.

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    I picked up the XDs this week and will be doing a review on it. I haven't shot it yet but at first glance it seems like a really nice gun.

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  8. I've put 200+ rounds through my XDS without a hitch. You have to be consistently aggressive with racking the slide, though.

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    I have the xdm compact .45 ad the new xds .45. Both guns are excellent shooters!

    Had some slight issues with the xds slide not locking back after last round fired but in all honesty was not a consistent issue and I think was more due to spring in magazine being too tight and causing the catch on the magazine to push past the lock mechanism. Have put over 500+ rounds with no fte or ftf using a variety of ammo brands all 124gr.

    If the xds keeps performing the way it does after another 500rds it is graduating to EDC gun. Little sucker is easy to conceal and .45acp to boot!!

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