Best, Most powerful very small handgun
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Thread: Best, Most powerful very small handgun

  1. Best, Most powerful very small handgun

    All you great gun guru's, I need your thoughts and the benefit of your experience. I currently have both .32 and .380 Kel Tec's which I love for their size and reliability. However with recent events as they are, I am now thinking that I need something with more stopping/hitting power, and I am wondering what your recommendations would be. I would want it to be as small as possible. and I am thinking maybe a .40 or .45 cal? And of course proven reliability is very important. And as Grandma is now getting her Conceal Permit, her smaller hand size may also be a consideration?

    Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations.


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    Look at the M&P compact (left) and Shield (right)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGB View Post
    Look at the M&P compact (left) and Shield (right)

    Not my photo
    What he said!!!

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    Try the Springfield XDs.

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    I was lucky enough to win the LC9 last quarter but I really like my Taurus 709 Slim. It is 9MM but also comes in 40Cal. Trigger takes some getting used to but once you shoot it and become familiar, it is a nice gun.

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    If you haven't read the piece I posted the other day, read this:

    BTW, good luck with those Kel-Tecs - I have never found a less reliable gun than my P-32 - it couldn't get through a complete box of ammo without two trips to the factory, and after 6 weeks there, it was returned with the same problem. Alas, you get what you pay for. Buy quality - especially when your life might depend on it!

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    i carry a colt .380 but now i am going to upgrade to a .45. i like glocks and there are several to choose from. the glock 36 is small and looks to be very concealable. then springfield just introduced the xd-s in .45 which is supposed to be even smaller(not by much). havent had the opportunity to ck out the xd-s yet, but i will soon, it is supposed to be a little less expensive than the glock(again,not by much).

    i have narrowed my search down to these two,basically for price and reliability. i have had glocks before and know they go bang everytime. i have also heard good things about the xd's.
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    The "best" handgun not too big and not too little is truly a subjective subject ~ like what's better Ford or Chevy?

    Now to our "best" : The wife chose a stainless steel Ruger SP101 .357 w/2 1/4 inch barrel. Not too big and not too little for us.

    My ccw is a Ruger LCP .380 but if I REALLY needed stopping power, i would much rather be holding her .357.

    The best thing for you to do would be to go to your LGS and handle all the goodies. Find one that is at least a 9 MM, .38 special (or .357) and feels good in your hand. After all, that's where it will be spending it's time working.

    Note: the LCP wonderfully disappears in a summer pocket holster. The .357 does a good job in an in-the-waistband holster with heavier clothing. Just my observations.

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  11. I have the xds and it is small and dead on. I also carry the Ruger sr9c and I like it as well. You can't go wrong, either way. Good luck!

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