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  1. kahr cw9

    looking to buy a ccw. any bad reviews of kahr cw9?

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    Everything I have ever seen on them has been positive, but they sure are proud of them.

  4. I love my PM9, which I've had for a few years, and is my main carry. I wouldn't hesitate on the CW9 at all based on my PM9 experience. :)

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    man the Khar CW9 is not expensive...$375.00 retail.

    MSRP is about $450.00

    your confusing the PM9 that is expensive.

    I have a cw9 and cm9 both are really good.
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    I currently carry a cw 9. I like the gun, love the way it shoots & it's skinny which is great for my small hands. However I have had reliabity issues with it and I am not very fond of how Kahr has been with us about it. After the 200 round break in period I was still having issues with the magazine falling out at random times when shooting. Was happening to my husband & I both, and we finally seemed to have it narrowed down to happening with our reloads and self defense rounds, would do it rarely with 115 grain factory loads. After doing some research, found this had happened to others, contacted Kahr. They were hesitant to give us the parts we had read about others receiving to resolve this problem & implied it was operator error. They did finally send us 1 piece but informed us if that didn't fix it we would have to send it in at our expense and were just generally not helpful. I have since gotten an 8 round mag for it, and put roughly 150 rounds through it and so far so good. The 7 round mag had started coming out even when I wasn't shooting, just carrying but this one hasn't yet. We just received the part and haven't had a chance to replace it yet. Again I really like the gun but I am waiting to see how this mag works, and new part. Reliability is huge with a carry gun, and kahr has rubbed me the wrong way on this, so I am considering trading if this doesn't resolve the issue.

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    Do not have the CW9. Purchased a CM9 a while back. I really like the gun. Had a problem with a FTF. Contacted KAHR and after a short conversation about what was happening they sent me a new recoil spring. Installed the new spring and haven't had any more problems. Have fired about 300 rounds with new spring. Also got the 8 round mag as I wanted an extra finger on the grip. My wife really likes it as it fits her hand very nicely.

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