Bought a used Bersa Thunder .380
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Thread: Bought a used Bersa Thunder .380

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    Went to the range today and fired about 50 rounds with no problems. But seemed to be shooting a little high at both 7 and 15 yds. Probably just getting used to the gun. Will be used for ccw when I get my permit but will use it for home protection for now if needed. This one has the black grips, but the rest is stainless. Love it so far but may also get a 9mm in the future. Having a gun with good safety features and easy to disassemble for cleaning was a factor but also the price I got at the pawn shop. Could use a little polish but good for now.

  3. Bought a used Bersa Thunder .380

    I love my Bersa .380. It is a little high shooting due to the different grip style compared to my 1911.
    That being said, it is one of my best shooters. Very manageable and quick.
    A nice light handgun for ccw

  4. I have a little trouble with my 380. Just about every time I am at the range and run 50 -100 rounds, somewhere along the way it jams. Finally I noticed under the right side grip there is a small spring that pops out of place. Put back it fires great until the next time. Taking it to the gunsmith for warrenty work. Gun shoots great other than this issue. Would not bet my life on this one yet. Maybe after I get it back and run lots of rounds through it.

  5. I have seen on the bersa forum about the spring and there is a fix.

  6. That's good to know. My wife wants to carry it once she has her CCW. But would want to run a lot of ammo through it once fixed if she is betting her life on it. It really is a nice shooting pistol.

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    Have a Bersa Thunder .380 and carry it loaded with Hornady critical defense ammo, trust it with my life. It does not like steel or aluminum cased ammo (mine doesn't) but will shoot any brass case. It really likes and shoots the Hornady Critical Defense ammo very well.

    Put 150 rounds of brass cased ammo then 50 to 100 of your carry ammo thru it. They are nice guns.

  8. So far the Thunder has handled all the ammo I have fed it. But once that stupid spring pops out of place nothing feeds right. My wife and I enjoy shooting it, but it really ticks her off when we have to pause to do a quick maintenance job on it.

  9. Bursa update. As it turns out Gander Mountain is an authorized gunsmith for Bursa repair. I took it in and it was repaired for free. He changed out the spring and made the grove the spring rides in deeper. I have not had it out to the range to give it a workout yet. Hope this will make this a reliable option for CCW.

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    I'm betting it will. Bersa stands behind their guns well. There have been MANY Bersa Thunder .380's sold. Nice carry gun.

  11. Back from the range. I fed the Bursa 250 rounds this morning and not one problem! My confidence is almost completely restored. I want to run a few more rounds but I believe the problem is truly fixed. Thanks Bursa for standing behind your product.

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