Anybody carrying a small .45?
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Thread: Anybody carrying a small .45?

  1. Anybody carrying a small .45?

    Springfield just announced the XD-S in .45, and Kahr makes a couple of subcompact .45s. I have a Kahr P9 and I like it, but a bigger bullet seems like a good idea. Magazine capacity on the Springfield is 5+1, while the Kahr holds one more. For six rounds, would I be better served just to carry a .357 snubnose?

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    No, I don't carry a little .45 but I do carry a big one, does that count? =P

    Crossbreed style iwb, you can carry and conceal just about anything.
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  5. I certainly like the idea of a tiny .45 ACP. I'm sure the pistol isn't much fun to shoot, but that's certainly isn't it's purpose. I'd feel more comfortable with it than my little .380 pocket pistol.

    Has anybody shot the shot the springfield he's talking about?

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    I carry a AMT .45 Backup DAO. Very nice to carry iwb. Kicks like a mule though.. Still prefer full size Springfield.

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    I carry a G36, 6+1 capacity. Very happy with it.

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    I rented the XDS it shoots VERY nice...I'd buy one but it's only a little bit smaller than my XDM9mm compact so I can't justify buying another firearm to fill basically the same role. I also have a HK .45c which is a little bit bigger, but it works.

    I'd buy the XDS in a minute if I didn't have the other two....

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    The XDS is virtually the same size as the new S&W M&P Shield. I've held them both side-by-side and could not visually tell much difference in specs. I had my choice and went with the Shield 9 based on ammo cost and capacity. IF I were in the market for a sub-c .45, I would get the XDS...Extremely concealable and very nice to look at, unlike a lot of wives.

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    Sometimes in winter carry a Kimber Ultra CDP in a Crossbreed supertuck , a fine handgun and a finer holster. Other times like in the hot summer in my bathing suit or shorts I cary a Ruger LCP or a Sig 238.
    The heat and humidity sort of dictates cooler attire here at the beach.

  11. Khar CW45

    I carry the CW45. It's 6+1 and I carry two spare mags. The gun is awesome. I find it easy to conceal with most clothing. It's a great gun.

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