Anyone ever purchased firearms online?
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Thread: Anyone ever purchased firearms online?

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    Anyone ever purchased firearms online?

    Ever since I was introduced to guns and carrying four years ago, I have owned about a dozen firearms, including a Ruger P94, a Walther P22, a Llama Mini max, and various others, but never a Glock. I have always wanted one, but they have always been a bit out of my reach pricewise. That is, until last week. I stumbled onto and found several sellers selling Glocks at bargain prices. I landed mine for $389. For that price, I figured that there would probably be some wear and scratches on the slide and frame, and that the inner parts would probably have a little rust. Nothing that couldn't be taken care of by a gunsmith, however. Imagine my surprise when I went to pick up my Glock 22 today and there was nary a scratch, ding, or bit of rust anywhere to be found! I can't wait to take this puppy to the range and start carrying it at work (I'm a security officer)! I am ecstatic. Any of you have equally positive experiences buying firearms online?

    P.S. What sucks is that, due to the timing of the purchase, I'll have to wait another couple of weeks before I can carry it, because I am now saving up for the rent. You can bet your last dollar, however, that after the rent is paid, I'll be going back to the gun store and purchasing a duty holster and a couple of concealed carry holsters for it. I can't wait!

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    I've bought guns online many times. I have used both Gunbroker and Auction Arms. From both individuals and established dealers on the internet, I have had nothing but positive experiences. The most important part of an online transaction is having a helpful, competent (as far as internet gun sales are concerned) FFL on your end.


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    I've had the same experience, Willy. I bought my Beretta CX4 from a dealer on (a site sponsor, I might add), and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Glad you had a good experience, Tatted....
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    Both bought and sold on Gunbroker. Very happy with all transactions...
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    I picked up my barely used Sig P229 Equinox .40 S&W along with the .357 sig barrel and 5 magazines on Gunbroker for $900.00. I'm very happy.

    I got my Savage 10FLP .308 brand new on Guns America for $499 + $15 shipping. I'm happy with it as well.

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    I bought my Ruger P345 from Davidson's gallery of guns , new They offer a lifetime REPLACMENT grantee. And there prices were better than anyone around here (VA)(my gun was on sale) The gun was at my local dealer the day after we placed the order!
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