Need some input on the SW SD40VE
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Thread: Need some input on the SW SD40VE

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    Need some input on the Smith and Wesson SD40VE

    Ok, I'm looking to get a handgun, i like the .40SW caliber, and I've got a low budget...

    I was looking today and discovered the SW SD40VE seems to fit my bill perfect. Right caliber, right barrel length (4 inches), excellent brand, and great price (just over $300). I've read a few reviews and it seems like the perfect gun. I still need to find one and see how it feels in the hand, and maybe rent one and shoot it.

    Does anyone own this gun and can tell me what they think about it?

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    I own this pistol and love it. Out of the box it will be a solid shooter, although with a heavy trigger that makes it hard staying on target. There is a simple trigger job that involves removing two extra springs from the trigger assembly(you can do it yourself if you have some mechanical ability following any of a few vids on youtube). it will reduce the trigger pull by just enough to keep it accurate. Only other complaint is the rail is not a standard weaver size. Accessories that fit the rail are hard to come by, although you can buy an adapter to fit them. All in all, you can't beat the quality for the price.

  4. Need some input on the SW SD40VE

    +1 on what zed said, I love mine and the trigger fix by removing the springs was perfect and pretty easy to do, you'll love the pistol

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    I also own one of these. Have fired upwards of 1500 rounds through it since bought last November. The gun handles and feels well in hand. It does have heavy trigger but I got used to it in no time. Also a bit heavy for conceal carry but I do it. At range had no trouble hitting pretty much center mass at 30 ft. Great gun for the price. Ammo is a bit pricey also. I think you'll like it.

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    Me too. Bought mine as a spare and "loan" it to some special students during classes. It has never failed other than operator error (soft wrist).

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    Calling it a "heavy" trigger is an understatement. Longest, heaviest trigger I have ever owned. Can't get used to it even after the fix, especially when I own and carry several different glocks. There is a reason they call it "the brick". Price is right, reliable gun. Accuracy as said above related to the trigger. Traded mine in after 250 rounds.

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    I've been considering getting one of the SD40VE's, or an SD9VE, also. I think they are a really good value for the price.

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    Thank to all for the input.

    I am sure i can do the trigger mod myself. And can't be any heavier a gun than my Hi Point C9. Weighs a ton and totally unreliable.

    I think I'll get one.

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    I get the impression that some here are confusing the SD40VE with the SW40VE Sigma, they're similar models with completely different trigger control groups. The SD trigger is a vast improvement on the SW's trigger.

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    I have an SW9VE, put over 1000 rounds thru it and the only hang up it ever had was round #2 not ejecting right. I cleaned the gun and have not had an issue since. Im planning on doing a trigger job but have not yet. Im purchasing another pistol soon for my carry gun (sub-compact) but I am going to keep this one since its reliable and gives me additional options.

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