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    You could also look at the Hi-Power and its numerous clones.

  3. My wife is checking out many guns as well, specifically in 9MM.

    I have a chrome finish Baby Eagle that she loves, but I do not give up my guns. I have had this one almost 20yrs. She likes the Taurus and also the Glock 26. She is going to do a final test at the range this weekend, and make a final decision.

    The most important factor is how the gun feels in her hand, and the comfortability for carry.
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  4. Depending on how much size matters for your wife (hehe), I would take a look at the PX4 Storm. There are options for a safety and/or decocking lever.

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    There are 3 guns I would consider

    1. Baby Eagle 9mm

    2. CZ75 (AR-24 by Armalite)

    3. HK USP 9MM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commander_Cob View Post
    I don't know about you, but I'm always shopping on a budget. I think one of the best deals out right now is the Sig P225/P6 for about $250 (good condition) to $300 (excellent condition). It is a fantastic 9mm with no safeties, but it does have a hefty but smooth DA/SA, and a decocker lever. They are "compact" police trade-ins from West Germany, but they aren't that compact. 8-round single stack makes it a smaller gun, but it is large enough to comfortably shoot.

    I also handled a FNP-9 recently and was very impressed. I thought the trigger was very good, and the stainless model was a good fit for my small hands. Also a very reasonable price of about $350-400 for a new gun.
    Those P6's are actually really nice and in great shape. I picked up one for the wife.

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    CZs are great. I have a Taurus PT140pro and have not had the slightest hiccup from it. It has been 100% reliable. When my wife picked her 9mm she looked at several and chose the Springfield Xd9 subcompact. Good luck.

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  8. One thing worth mentioning is having the ability for husband and wife to be able to carry the same weapon. Same manual of arms, means same ammo, same mags, and same training. In other words, any training the wife does with her weapon = training with yours.

    When you take into consideration today's defensive ammo, and the higher capacity of say a 9MM over a .45ACP in a compact or sub compact model, you are really not giving away too much.

    Just some additional thoughts for consideration.
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    anyone know anythin about the Bersa thunder 9 ultra compact?
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  10. I have been reading on different forums about the Sig P6/225. It is the consensus of most owners that the P6 will not reliably feed hollow point ammo.

    The gun was designed for the German police who only use hard ball ammo. The feed ramp may give you problems with defense loads.

    The general agreement is to purchase a factory 225 barrel to fix this reliability problem.

  11. Take a Kahr for a spin

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Kahr. I have a CW9 that's only 15oz empty and .9 inches across. a 7 round magazine is standard and I'm using 128gr +p hollowpoints.
    I have fairly large hands, but this fits nicely. The gun is light but very controllable and accurate. Price is around 380.00 new at a show or gun store.

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