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    I'm in the market for a decent pistol safe. I have seen a lot of different safes opened by kids on YouTube by bouncing it and such. I want to deter this. Of course ill bolt it down but I do know should I look for electronic or mechanical? What are you guys using. Yes, small children in the home as well!

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    For what it's worth, I just ended up buying the Stack-- On QAS-103

    Amazon.com: Stack-On QAS-1304 Low Profile Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock

    to use as a bedside safe. Bolted to the nightstand, it won't be easy to bounce, and being electronic (with a key in case the battery dies), easy-open at night.

    I just plan on replacing the batteries when I replace the ones in the smoke detectors.

    It's worked well for me, as I've done several (unloaded) dry-runs in accessing my glock from both in bed and out.



  4. I watched a YouTube review last night of the Bulldog BD1050 safe. The guy took the back plate off to expose the actuator locking mechanism. It showed how slapping or lightly biting the top of the safe would make the actuator jump up and down. He said that if he times it right he could hit the top and turn the knob to unlock the door. :scary!!!

    So this would kind of defeat the purpose of bolting it down other than to deter thieves from grabbing it and running out the door. He said there was a fix for it somewhere on the net that consisted of some machine work (convenient as I'm a machinist) but I can of find the tutorial or written blog anywhere. I'm trying to find or think of some possible way to add friction to stop it from moving, maybe a stronger spring perhaps or rubber sleeve.

    There is also a push button reset on the backside of the door on all these electronic safes(very stupid design). I recommend anybody who owns one take the back plate off and unscrew that button and let it dangle inside the housing. If you need to get to it just remove the back plate again.

    Hmmm, this frustrates me that a safe company could put out a safe with little safe qualities. I don't mind repairing t to wok or what not but I can't do that if I can't find the information on the process.

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    I use a gunvault nv300 with the combo lock. I have it in the nightstand drawer and I unlock it when I go to bed and lock it when I get up. When I lock it I only move the left digit one click so it is easy to open if I need it during the day. That is only when the great grandkids are over. Other wise it is only me and the wife and I leave it open all the time. It is only $29 on amazon, free shipping.

  6. I just purchased the Stack-On PDS-505. It can be mounted in a drawer or on the wall. I put mine on the back wall inside my closet so all I have to do is part the cloths hanging in front of it and open for access to my pistol. It has an electronic lock as well as the backup key. I also put one of those small round battery operated lights on the underside of the top shelf above it so I have light in the night should I have to access the safe. Here is the link to the safe. Highly recommend it.

    Stack-On PDS-505 Drawer or Wall Safe with Electronic Lock - Amazon.com

  7. Mechanical lock and a safe made of plate steel when bolted down will be as secure as you can expect and you will be able to access it just as quick as anything without having to worry about all the issues with electronic ones. Depending on where you want to keep it and what features you are looking for you might consider the V-Line, Fort Knox and FAS1 Safe.

  8. Anyone using a Barska Biometric finger print scanner safe? They have motorized bolts so no jumpy solenoid. Nothing but great reviews.

  9. I use a Fort Knox.

  10. A shoe box work great and I put it with all the other shoe boxes.

  11. Got the new Barska AX11224 $189 with free shipping on amazon. Registered mine and my wife's fingers and tried it 50 times each. No failures and then we tried unregistered fingers and none would open them.

    It has a hidden key access that you need an Allen to get to which I like. Also has a port for an external battery supply should the batteries go dead.

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