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    Mar 2008
    Greer, SC
    .45 Glock 21
    and now...
    .45 Randall 1911

  3. Here's my current inventory of CCW-worthy hardware. I have left out the "field revolvers" which usually have longer barrels (5" is the cut-off point IMO) than are really handy for concealed carry, or are single actions. They are in no particular order, and NO! I do not carry them all at the same time.

    Kimber Pro-Carry CDP .45ACP; Ruger Speed-Six 2-3/4" .357; Kahr CW9 9mmPara; Walther PPK/s .380ACP; S&W M342 Ti-Lite .38 Special +P; Colt Gold Cup (de-horned) .45ACP; Star PD .45ACP; CZ75B 9mmPara; S&W M686 (USCustoms Service) 3" .357; S&W M686 2-1/2" .357; S&W M64HB 4" 38 Special; S&W M67 Combat Masterpiece 4" .38 Special; S&W M629 Mountain Gun 4" .44 Magnum.

    I like a little variety in my life.

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    In general I carry a Kel-Tec P-3AT .380 because it is what pocket carries well in shorts. When I have the opportunity to wear big boy clothing I also have a Kahr PM-9, and a Beretta Vertec 9mm with CT grips.

    I plan to soon add a S&W snubby .38 with CT grips, a Wather PPK/s .380 (just because I've always wanted one), and some .45 mainly because I don't have one but haven't picked which one yet.

    I also have a harness to allow me to string my Kel-Tec PLR-16 with a 20 round magazine under a vest but truthfully have never carried it, even though it would be legal on my Florida permit provided it is concealed.

    Most of the time my bear just holds it for me as in my avatar.

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    Hi Point C9 and Glock 22

  6. Well for everyday it is my Kimber CDP Ultra II, now if I am on my bike I carry my S&W M&P 40C ( just would hate to skin up the Kimber if I dump ), and if I am dressed in shorts or light clothing it is my Kel-Tec P-3AT.
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    Glock 19 or Taurus 85UL.
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    frank.macher Guest
    S&W Airweight 38+P, Republic Arms "Patriot" .45, Bersa Thunder .380, or Glock 22.

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    Glock 23 is the only one that I carry.

  10. My current every day carry is a PT145, and backup is a Taurus 617
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    For me it's a SIG P-225.

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