Question about kahr p9 slide
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Thread: Question about kahr p9 slide

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    Question about kahr p9 slide

    I have a nice Kahr P9 that I bought used. I've put about a hundred rounds of reloads through it with no problems and I really like it. I would like to put night sights on it which leads to a question. What is the difference in the old style slide and the new style slide? I found a good deal on a rear sight but it says it only fits the old style slide.

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    Kahr Big Dot Old Style Tritium Sights - Style # KBDTS, Kahr Arms Sights

    This link takes you to the Kahr explanation with pictures so you can tell the difference (old vs new slide designs)....they also sell several types of night sights.....but they are probably not the cheapest you can find....

    Good luck with your P9...

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    Thanks A_B--- that was easy.

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