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Thread: Is the CZ75B a reliable carry option ?

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    I love my CZ75 decocker... I have not had a single issue with any ammo from silver bear/golden bear, to winchester ... nice balance, less kick then my dads sig 226...

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    I have owned many CZ's, and carried them. I have had a few problems, as is expected when you own seven or eight of the same make of gun and shoot thousands of rounds out of them both in practice and competition. Other than the Glocks that I now carry (and have far fewer rounds out of them), the CZ's have had fewer malfunctions than any other semi-auto that I have used, and FAR fewer than the 1911's that I have used, which seem to be the gold standard for many people. I stopped carrying my CZ-75Bs and my .45 cal EAA Witness for one reason - they can get very heavy. The CZ-75B is NOT tactical Tupperware! The CZ-75 P-01 is a bit more comfortable to carry than the -75B, but I do not particularly care for decockers.

    I carry a Glock 21SF now, or a Glock 20SF if I am in the field. They are certainly NO lighter than a CZ-75B. However, I like the 13 rounds of .45 ACP carried in the G21SF (the EAA only carried 10, and you could not find magazines without ordering them) and the 15 rounds of 10mm carried by the G20SF (CZ does not chamber the 10mm, and the EAA in 10mm has the same availability problems as the .45 EAA). Even though I have switched to the Glock, I still maintain that the CZ is better built, better feeling, and more naturally pointing than the Glock, and I would still recommend it as a carry pistol.

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    CZ 75B is one of the finest, if not the finest firearm around. I am a proud owner of one made for the European market, with the Omega trigger system. with 16 shots I made a cut out of the bulls eye at 50ft and taped the red circle to the paper target at the bottom. As for carrying the piece, most the cops in Europe carry the 75B or P01. It's just an all around great weapon.

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    I love my CZ's--very reliable and very accurate.
    My 75BD (decocker) is a little big for me for CC so I use the 75 compact or P01. But yea--if you can carry a 75 B--it would be an excellent carry gun

  6. I have had CZ's several of them since '97 and i do not remember when or if i have had a failure. Some days i would shoot a few hundred rds at my range. Those trips have sold alot of CZ's with others wanting to know what i was shooting. The Military and NATO approved P-01 are very accurate and reliable. Mike has always made anyone's CZ run that i know of. I went from Sigs never there again to CZ's. and have been more than satisified. The Czech Police had the P-01 go thru a harsher test than NATO. I like the way the slide fits into the frame making all slimline. Col. Jeff Cooper who did not care for 9mm's chose the 75B over the BHP for a few very solid reason's.

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    I carry a 75B (40S&W) daily it is a reliable choice ( In 3 years I've had exactly one FTE) but it is a heavy choice. I wear Perry Suspenders when I carry it
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  8. Forgot this, CZ its illegal to have hollowpoints in the Czech Republic. So if your CZ is an older one or not they cannot check the gun to function of HP's in any CZ. I have a CZ 97B .45 fed FMJ fine but not HP's so Mike did some ramp work on the barrel. Now it feeds anything and everything and i do have alot of various HP .45's 185 to 230gr and alot .45+Ps, good luck

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    I do recognize the quote, great movie! We watch it every year.

    I do still have the CZ because it really feels good in the hand and it, with the Kadet conversion kit, is the only .22 pistol I have. I will lookup Mikes e-mail and ask him what he can suggest.

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  9. Why on earth would anyone want a CZ pistol? Tell you what, I'll pay for the shipping and you can send that 75B down to me when you don't like it!

    My suggestion is that you stay with their metal pistols. They've had some funky issues with their polymer guns that will make you wonder. The polymer truly isn't hard enough and that has to be part of the issue.

    The 75 is great, the SP-01 is awesome, the P-01 is slick, and the SP-01 Tactical (if you like a 5 inch 19 round combat pistol). I own several IMI/IWI copies of the 75 and have had several of CZ's newer family members, including the P-07 Duty.

    As said above, test fire it with hollow points before you carry it. The 75's may not like hollow points. The P-07 Duty and the Phantom fed them just fine right out of the box.

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    My wife and I absolutely love all of our CZ's, We own two full size 75B's one Rami, and one of my favorite carry pistols my 75D PCR compact. I have hundreds of rounds through all of them without one failure no matter what ammo I use. The best thing about my PCR compact is it fits your hand without the need of any mag extensions, and it is scary accurate right out of the box. I hope this helps in our opinion CZ rocks.
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    Like I said in a previous post, I have a CZ 75 B made for the Czechoslovakian market. It wasn't made for U.S. customers, and it feed's All the ammo I can give it without problem's. This includes Hollow point's. With any pistol that doesn't feed correctly the problem is usually fixed by polishing the feed ramp.Attachment 3644

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