will .32 acp make a comeback?
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Thread: will .32 acp make a comeback?

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    will .32 acp make a comeback?

    Bersa just discontinued importing their Thunder .32 into the U.S. Not sure why because I own one and it's a very good gun. There are still people making and selling the .32 such as Kel Tec's P-32 pocket pistol. There are still a decent amount of .32 acp guns available. But will they ever resurge as a popular caliber in the U.S.?

    If loaded with FMJ the .32 acp has pretty good ballistics. There is a video online showing .32 FMJ to go thru 4 layers of denim and still get around 14 inches of penetration.

    Do you feel this gun will ever make a comeback?

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    Why would anyone want it to come back?
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  4. Poor ammo availability, poor performance, few fire arms to choose from, most not smaller than their 380 cousins. I don't see it happening... But I was surprised when the 380 surged in popularity, and even more surprised when I bought one. So....

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    The .32 acp is a perfect option for people who want low recoil but don't want a .22 To me the .32 has a place in CCW.
    The only caliber to me that makes no sense is the .25 acp which IMO is a useless caliber. I believe the .32 makes a lot of sense.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by cluznar View Post
    The .32 acp is a perfect option for people who want low recoil but don't want a .22 To me the .32 has a place in CCW.
    The only caliber to me that makes no sense is the .25 acp which IMO is a useless caliber. I believe the .32 makes a lot of sense.
    I agree...I'm actually on the look-out for a Beretta 3032. It's the .32 with the tip-up barrel.

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    I've wanted a Kel-Tec P32 for a few years now... I just haven't picked one up, yet. Personally, I like .32acp... it has a place in training newer shooters that may be past .22lr but don't like or aren't ready for the recoil of a .380acp from a small gun. It has a limited place for CCW, I have to admit... but it's not useless, IMO. I would not feel "unarmed" carrying one for deep concealment, I'd feel better having the 10rd mag though. If I could put most of that magizine into or near center mass of an un-drugged BG, I'm confident it would allow me enough time to evade/escape. Whether it'd kill him there on the spot, hell... IDK.

    I currently EDC a TCP .380, I trust it to do it's job b/c I trust myself to do my job in such an event. Although, when dress permits I do carry something larger(somewhat)... I carry my Ultralite .38Spl. If they pass Open Carry here in SC, you'll see me EDC'ing my 1911 more or even my M&P9c. I have been on the lookout for a .32 S&W revolver for my wife, she isn't comfortable shooting .38Spl DAO and she's not as accurate as she'd like to be(or me). I don't want her relying on a small auto either(she doesn't get to train as much as we'd like her too), so... a revolver would be the go-to firearm of choice for her. Currently, she EDCs a Cobra .32acp Derringer, she can cock and fire it w/o any problem. She understands it's a last resort weapon though, a get-off-me gun... nothing more.

    Now, as to whether .32acp will ever make a "come back" in America...? I don't think so, not in the sense of say, .380acp has.
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    gunnerbob you may be right about them not making a comeback, because Americans believe bigger is better. But they do not realize that for many years in Europe the .32 acp has wounded and killed many. Police and military both used it.
    A well placed round or two in center mass I believe will discourage most any if not all attackers. Plus .32 acp has very light recoil. To me it is really a round which is perfect for conceal carry. They can do some damage, and as I said with FMJ have good penetration. If more people were to shoot them they would maybe start really liking them.

  9. I have a Kel-Tec p32 that is my bug or gun to carry when you can't carry a gun. It has been 100% reliable. I bought the 10 round magazine and an Armalaser TR1 laser. The little gun is ultra concealable and very easy to keep on target.

  10. I carry a .32ACP a lot during the summer when it's too hot in Alabama to wear enough to hide anything bigger. With modern hollowpoints- or even 'antiquated' designs like the Silvertip- it punches over it's weight class. My Tomcat carries 8- that's 3 more than my J frame.

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    Have a browning 32 from my dad had wife carries it.

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