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    Para carrier

    I currently carry the Para CCO in the LDA version to work. It's a single stack 3.5" barrel in stainless steel. I love my Para, but they are a little higher priced than your normal carry guns like Glocks, XDs, and Berettas. But when the weather is bad, I go back to my Glock.

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    I have a P-12.45. Looking to get a Warthog and a P-13 later. Excellent pistols.
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  4. The smallest Paras that I still own are
    (1) the OPS 3.5" .45 caliber, it is all steel and a great shooter with the "Griptor" front strap configuration. Very accurate and used to be on my CCW but was taken off because it was too too pretty.
    Then I have (2) the P14 .40cal with 3" barrel, double stack magazines. This is a pleasure to shoot but is now a safe queen. I have never regretted purchasing either of they.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shingman2 View Post
    please tell me your opinion on the para-ordinance pistol! I,m looking into getting a small one. Thanks!
    have you ever see a kahr p-45 (45 cal) is thin and is great for under cover...or regular ccw use, but it not like para ord. I think you will like it...for it 45 cal
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