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    your opinion

    Please tell me your opinion on the para-ordinance pistol! I,m looking into getting a small one. Thanks!

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    Certainly there is someone here who knows a thing or two about Para Ordnance pistols, isn't there? The guys at the local gun store told me that their 1911 pistols are some of the best out there.

  4. I do not have a Para but have hard good thinks about them.
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    Like the other's above I only know what I have read and heard. As far as that goes it is all positive. I would not mind having the LDA myself. I believe it would make a fine carry gun.
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    Well I have a p14 45 ss limited with light rail installed .15 rounds of 45 and 99.99999% RELIABLE this is my house gun.IDPA was fun with it also. I like Para Ord but have no first had knowldge of the smaller ones. I suspect they are pretty darn good.

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    Thank,s to all for info on para-ordinance pistols!

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    They are a good pistol and have the most economical double stack .45 1911. I'm looking into getting one myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shingman2 View Post
    Thank,s to all for info on para-ordinance pistols!
    Small pet peeve here that has nothing to do with the thread topic, as a former Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician.

    Ordinance = a rule or a law of sorts

    Ordnance = things that go boom.

    Back to your regularly scheduled thread.

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    Thank you, Liveblues. And now with sports is our own Tanner Ite.

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    I had a couple Para when I was a 1911 freak back in the day. Great guns and they're a good value although still expensive.

    There's a couple for trade over on Glock Talk if you're looking.
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