Kimber or Rock Island?
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Thread: Kimber or Rock Island?

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    Kimber or Rock Island?

    Went to a gun show a couple of weeks ago and I picked up and felt so many 1911's to see if I could find one I liked the feeling of. So I found this small Rock Island that was an absolute dream of a grip but it was a 45 which is a drawback to me. I've nothing against .45 but I'm looking for a 10mm which both Rock Island and Kimber have and both get great reviews.

    Couldn't find any videos comparing the two so has anyone had any experience with both a RI and Kimber? And if so does one beat out the other and if so how?

    45's are great... I just like 40 and 10's

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    Not a fair comparison go to Ny York and see the Kimber made or go to the Phillipines to see the Rock Island made.

  4. I have a Kimber Ultra II Crimson 3" it is in 45 but I LOVE IT!

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    Go kimber! Pro 4" is excellent. Perfect carry size and no accuracy difference from full size 5" barrel. Shot the two side by side of the stainless and me and my group determined do with the 4" pro. 3" you lose a lot of accuracy

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    I carry a Kimber. I wouldn't turn my nose up at a Rock Island though.
    If you take that RI to a gunsmith, have the trigger worked on, and install a matched barrel/bushing it'll shoot every bit as good as the most expensive 1911 out there.
    You'd probably spend about what it costs for a Kimber before you are done.
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  7. Have had a Kimber Custom Classic for 10 years and have many thousands of rounds through it. Nothing wrong with a 45, and in +P, it is even better! No experience with an RI, but I'd be hesitant to buy from an asian maker as so many asian steel producers cheat on their steel. I've not researched them, but if there are long term owners of RI products that are satisfied, well, perhaps... Again, nothing against RI, I don't know anything about them but have read some good reviews.

    Heard a few bad reviews on Kimber lately, can't say if its representative or not though. Kimber made my favorite pistol and hunting rifle, so I'm a two time satisfied customer.

  8. I have a Kimber full size, Custom Target II in 45 and love it!
    I haven;t had any problems with it whatsoever! It has been flawless through over 2 years of hard running!
    I can't speak on the RI one way or the other, not familiar with them.

  9. From what I hear the new Rock Island Tactical 10mm is a very good buy, half the price of the Kimber and twice as likely to work right out of the box. The Kimber is American made and a bit more refined, and the Rock Island could use a few modifications, but for a moderately priced 10mm 1911, it is a great choice. Besides, its not like the Phillipinos haven't been building 1911's for a long long time...

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    You should also take a look at two other 10mm pistols - the Colt Delta Elite and the EAA/Tanfoglio 10mm. Both have been made available recently after being a rare sight for quite some time. They're in the $1000-1100 price range. I'd take either of those before I bought a Kimber.
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    10mm is a nice round, but, it seems to me, if the SHTF finding ammo on the fly might prove difficult. This is one of my reasons for generally sticking with .45, 9mm, and .22
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