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Thread: First CCW....revolver or semi- auto ?

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    The semi versus revolver discussion is a mute point. You can have a crappy revolver with cylinder lock up issues as easily as you can have a semi that stovepipes. The real thing you need to look for is a quality design with quality manufacturing. And in my opinion that is where semi autos have the advantage.

    I would love to see where a revolver had survived that type of torture test. 50,000 rounds with a single mis fire and a single light primer strike.

    I am also not a fan of the crap that blows out between the cylinder and the barrel.

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    Go to a range that rents and try em all out. Then buy whatever you like best.

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    If you can handle a Semi Auto malfunction , then your good to go with a Semi Auto. If you don't learn how to handle a fail to feed, a jam, a stove pipe, you better carry a back up. If you don't want to practice malfunction drills, I would learn to shoot a Revolver and wait until you are ready to learn the Semi Auto. I would still carry a back up but, most people don't. I would bet a Paycheck that at least half the People carrying a Semi Auto do not practice clearing a malfunction. If they had a stove pipe in a gun fight they would not know what to do.

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    Concur with the good advice offered by others to try out several different types of pistols if you can. Also, get some professional training. It is an important investment you will not regret.
    Revolver vs. Semi-auto? A revolver is a simpler mechanical device, but it is not immune to malfunctions or failures such as cylinder lock/misalignment, light strikes, etc. However, I personally have only witnessed or experienced two such revolver failures in many years of shooting. Regarding semi-autos, they are far more reliable now than they were 30-40 yrs ago. Many malfunctions attributed to them are frequently caused by operator error. If you go with a semi-auto though, you must be able to rapidly recognize and clear the malfunctions that can occur with that type of pistol, which is not overly difficult with a little training and practice. In general, of two comparably sized pistols, the semi-auto will be easier to conceal than a revolver due to its slimmer profile, particularly if it is a “single-stack” gun. The semi-auto also offers higher round capacity and you can quickly learn to reload a semi-auto very rapidly. Rapid reloads with a revolver under stress requires much more practice.
    What caliber? I will parrot the advice offered by Dan Hammond Sr. about 3 yrs back (see “is .380 enough gun?” thread that has been running for more than 3 yrs now):
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    Carry the largest gun you can comfortably conceal, in the largest caliber you can accurately shoot.

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    I will add the largest gun you can comfortably handle and conceal. Choose a firearm you will actually carry. The firearm on your person absolutely trumps the one you left in the nightstand because it was too much of a hassle to carry. Train, train, train, with whatever you choose. From time to time, train with an instructor. Shooting well is NOT like riding a bicycle. It's much more like golf. Even the best pro golfers have swing coaches watching and advising them all the time.

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    I carry either a .32 acp or a .380 and trust both, they are both semi auto. Also have a pocket backup .32 semi auto.
    Find a gun you like and that you shoot well and handle well, then carry it. Don't buy a .45 because everyone tells you a .45 is a big man stopper. Shoot different guns and find what you handle best. Be it a .45 or a .32 long as you trust it and are capable of shooting it well.

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