Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason
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Thread: Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason

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    Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason

    Thought I'd show some pics of the Pearce and Scherer +2 mag extensions and tell what I see as being different between the two.

    The initial difference I noticed was that the Scherer did not come with a "Magazine Insert" where as the Pearce did. The second thing I noticed was the Scherer has a very slight texture where the Pearce is smooth and says +2 / 45-10 on the bottom.

    If you've never taken a Glock Mag apart then be prepared to use some muscle and a small punch or screwdriver because it's tough to get the Magazine Floor Plate off. You can check out some videos on YouTube as there are several and most show how to "slightly" trim the side retention humps on the side.

    The only difference between installation of the two is that the Scherer has the insert which is a pain to get the little guide pin or whatever it's called lined up in the bottom. Other than that, installation is exactly the same.

    They both function, feed, and load the exact same but there is one major difference and that is in the loading... the Pearce makes the last two very stiff. I don't know a perfect way to measure the difference in the pressure required so I just used a bathroom scale. The way I measured was to press down with bullet on scale until I saw the bullets start to move into the magazine. With 12 bullets the Scherer gave way around 12lbs of force and the Pearce gave way around 17lbs of force.

    Both make it harder to insert into the firearm if the slide is not pulled and locked back and require to slight slap and as you'd expect, the Pearce is a little tougher. With the slide locked back, inserting the mags is exactly the same offering 0 resistance.

    I'll conclude stating that both can be found fairly cheap but Pearce can be had from Amazon in two business days with the Prime program where as the Scherer took 3 weeks from the Glock Store.

    Now for some side by side pics and the end of my ramblings.
    Attached Images Attached Images Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason-bottom.jpg Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason-bottomloaded.jpg Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason-frontback.jpg Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason-sidegap.jpg Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason-side-loaded.jpg 

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    Sorry about pic size... I assumed they'd thumbnail.

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