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    Quote Originally Posted by missoak View Post
    I'd like to get a set of those grips for the Taurus. Where'd you get them?
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    Thanks, will look into this.

  4. Hmm, just a thought, but the op mentioned one very good reason for getting a revolver chambered in an auto cartridge, ammo interchange-ability he wanted a revolver that his wife could use to share the same ammo as his auto.... especially if you reload or just have a lot of one caliber this makes a lot of sense. Also moon clips are the fastest way to reload a revolver (better than "speed-loaders" for sure, if you've already got the clips ready at least) and auto cartridges are usually cut for them already by necessity while only custom or competition revolvers in .38/357 and other revolver cartridges are cut to accommodate speed loaders generally. The velocity loss due to cylinder gap depends on how tight that cylinder gap is but I've heard its generally around 100fps, all other things being equal, not a big deal IMO.

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