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    No expert here, just a nearly 60 year old guy who enjoys his guns. I've had the 380 BG for about 18 months now. It has the laser but I find that I haven't shot with the laser in a year probably. I shoot it every now and then, say every few weeks when the weather is warm in upstate NY. Sometimes 25 shots, sometimes 50. I shoot it at 4 yards, I shoot it at 7 yards and I shoot at 10 yards. I am guessing it has had about 500 rounds through it. It eats everything I give it. It has never FTE or FTF. I have poor vision, especially close up and this little gun will put all 6 of the 7 bullets in a pie plate at 7 yards most of the time. At 10 yards it drops down to about 4 of the 7. At 4 yards or less I'm deadly and that's where I would think the law would say I better be shooting to stop a threat or I'm in trouble. It carry's very well and all in all this little gun is gem and I love it.

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    The gun is decent and an easy carry. The main thing that makes sense to you, and hopeful those who read your assessment; is that 1) you can hit what you are aiming for, 2) you like the gun, 3) the gun is comfortable for you, 4) you shoot frequently with it and 5) you carry it! :)
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  4. We should be picking ours up on Thursday. Looking forward to taking them to the range and ultimately carrying once our licenses arrive. Thanks for the post.

  5. I love my 380 body guard took a little to get use to the trigger pull. Easy to conceal. Got the 10 round mag for it to use when target practicing.

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    I also have one and REALLY like it! I painted the front sight and that helped a ton.

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    S&W make great guns and the BG380 I'm sure is no exception. I got the Ruger LCP w/Crimson Trace for my mom only to find out she can't work the slide, she needs a revolver. But I kept the LCP and like the CT laser over the BG because the middle finger turns it on. the SW BG you have to remember to turn it on. High stress situation I want one less thing to think about. But as long as yours is the only story to tell, sucess regaurdless of make, model, and caliber.

  8. agree the Ruger LCP is excellent as well. I do like the laser position better too. For your mom try the Beretta Bobcat 21A. 22LR CCI high velocity ammo is a great gun. no racking, just a barrel break and load the first shell then insert the magazine. I got one for my wife.

  9. I carried mine for afew months and LOVED IT. It had to go see S&W once because of the notorius laser screw. I traded it right after that for an sks because I was enlisting in the air force and wanted something cheap/fun to shoot.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by KCD1974 View Post
    I also have one and REALLY like it! I painted the front sight and that helped a ton.
    I too painted the front sight with white truglo but to be honest I removed it twice. I like it around the home at night or against a dark background but outside the white front sight is not as defined. I have painted it, removed the paint, painted it again and once again, removed it. Gonna stay stock.

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    I haven't seen a Smith BG .380 yet. I have two SS Walthers, a PPK & PPK/S in .380 caliber. I am not very partial to the 9mm as I believe it has too much penetration, the 9mm kurz, or .380 seems to be a good self defense round. It is about equal to a .38 special, which cops carried for many years. Sometimes I carry the PPK as a backup gun, and in summer in a pocket holster. I also have a Walther TPH .22lr I am partial to, when working around my farm. The S&W BG and the Ruger LCP are great pistols for the distance in which most gunfights occur. Remember no matter the caliber, no one wants to get shot.

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