Bersa thunder 45uc for CC
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Thread: Bersa thunder 45uc for CC

  1. Bersa thunder 45uc for CC

    Thinking of getting a Bersa Thunder 45uc. Does anyone have any experience with this weapon. The price I got can't be beat. Wanted a Ruger P345 but not being made anymore. Thanks all.

  3. Well I own and carry one. Picked it and hc 9mm up at a pawn shop, both used. It's just the UC model, not pro. Unfortunately it gives me problems with ejecting the shell. Still trying to diagnose the problem. Thought for sure it was the magazine but it took forever to find new magazines in stock online but eventually I found them and snatched up a couple. Still doesn't want to eject the casing every time. I think I'm gonna have to let a gunsmith look at it. I actually bought it for my dad because he's been looking for a sa/da .45 but not a 1911. Me and him both like the feel of it. I carry it in a hybrid holster and it's very comfortable! Def need to get one in your hands and see how it feels before you make a decision.

  4. Ended up putting deposit on the 9mm uc. Shoulf be able to pick up in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

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    Redneck, you might check the extractor. Go to There have been some issues with extractors on the 9mmUCs. Don't know if the 45UC was one of them or not. Easy to replace.

    Ffrandy, you won't be disappointed. I have the Thunder 9UC Pro, and it has never failed me, regardless of what I've fed it. Bersa is the best kept secret in the handgun world, IMO. Great gun!
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  6. Bersa thunder 45uc for CC

    What type of holster do you use for the 9mm uc? I have been looking at the High Noon website and like a few there?

  7. Just picked up my new Bersa 9uc. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Cant wait to get to the range.

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    Great gun for cc, wish I still had mine, at the time no decent holsters were available, and I carried it in my pocked, (had big pockets) and the decocker/slide release felt like a knife in my leg so it got traded for a G-36, but the Bersa seemed to be a nicer shooting gun
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